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  1. Great Article
  2. Test Your IR Knowledge
  3. 75 F Breaker
  4. MICRO is Giving away the BCAM-SD Camera
  5. Another IR Camera
  6. Live exhibit of Infrared Camera pointed at mock wall and fed to TV screen.
  7. Check out this member's smokin' hot IR site.
  8. Take Control
  9. IR pics of my infection
  10. My worst enemy
  11. Realtors Pushing Infrared & Energy Inspection
  12. Infrared Course Dates, Philadelphia, PA April 14 - 15, 2008
  13. State of Michigan approves InterNACHI's Thermal Imaging Course for real estate agents
  14. Anybody Ready to Upgrade their Camera
  15. Feedback on Ramos Webinar
  16. FLUKE goes on location with me in an attic and demos their new Fusion IR Camera.
  17. Thanks HI Essentials & Nick G.!!!
  18. EPHIS proplem or not?
  19. IR Inspection Agreements
  20. Mikron Black Book
  21. Good example of TD
  22. Thermal Imaging Training / Classes
  23. They try and act so innocent
  24. New Infrared Training Event -March 20 2008 / B-CAM SD Sale
  25. Charging for travel
  26. Orlando FL, April 12-13, Infrared Course
  27. Dallas, Ft Worth TX, Infrared Course, May 3-4
  28. Thermal Imaging Dictionary
  29. Thermography Addition to eInspections
  30. Photo Manipulation
  31. Infraspection Training Discount for NACHI Members
  32. March ITC Newsletter
  33. I shot a NACHI.TV show with FLUKE on location today.
  34. Tennessee approves InterNACHI's IR/Building Science course for 16 hours of CE.
  35. TREC approves InterNACHI's IR/Building Science course for 16hrs core.
  36. Flir offers FREE infrared conferences
  37. Termite find with Infrared
  38. New IR Inspection Services
  39. Basement slab radiant heating problem
  40. What's going on here?
  41. CLOSING CALL (today 3-6-08) 6:30PM EST Infrared Marketing Webinar
  42. Commercial Flat Roof leaks
  43. Darn you David A.
  44. State of Tennessee Approves Teleconference IR Class
  45. 2 Day Teleconference Course - InterNACHI Infrared Certified Training - March 29-30
  46. Should have seen my Ortho Doc's eyes
  47. Not convinced
  48. Free Fluke on-line seminars
  49. B-CAM SD FLIR Camera
  50. InterNACHI discount on infrared camera course in New York.
  51. Another state approves InterNACHI's Thermal Imaging course for agent CE purposes.
  52. What's happening here?
  53. NEW! MAKING MONEY WITH INFRARED Evening Session! Mar 11th **5:00 PM **
  54. New Infra-Blog at IR Inspector.Com
  55. Nice Tip
  56. Another Heat Vent
  57. Infrared Marketing Webinar with the House Detective
  58. New Information - Berg Engineering
  59. Inspectortools.com
  60. training in New York
  61. Integrating IR service during normal HI
  62. Came Behind Experienced Inspector
  63. Fluke TiR for $4045.oo
  64. Money out the window....Literally
  65. Member's very nice infrared inspection website.
  66. Chapter Prez Endorses iNACHI IR Class
  67. Watch the show with Infraspection.
  68. FLIR BCAM SD vs. Fluke TiR
  69. Infraspection Institute
  70. PRO-LAB Infrared Camera Sale.
  71. Another real estate commission approves InterNACHI's REALTOR Guide to Infrared course
  72. Thermal imaging addendum for commercial building inspections now available.
  73. New Cooke Side by Side IR Camera Adapter - $2.00
  74. Feedback on Thermal Cams
  75. RazIR
  76. Magazine Article
  77. What is going on???
  78. New IR class Offered
  79. Article: InterNACHI IR Certification Course
  80. Next Teleconference IR Course Feb 23-24
  81. New Standards for Infrared Thermography
  82. Heat Vents
  83. Hot PIC: Infraspection does NACHI.TV show.
  84. Needed my thinking cap on this one
  85. Who would be interested in a course in Philly?
  86. Can anyone explain tis anomolie?
  87. Another training company goes "Infrared Certified."
  88. Infared Cetification Course?
  89. The Snell Group puts out press release regarding infrared training for members.
  90. Need Infrared inspector Upstate NY
  91. Tennessee Infrared Course, May 10-11
  92. Infrared Link Exchange
  93. Interesting Article
  94. Any Ideas what this is.
  95. $1300 Off BCAM... Close Out.
  96. 2-day Infrared Training course in Orlando, FL on April 12-13, 2008.
  97. Traffic ranking of John's new IR site insane!
  98. IR finds one again
  99. Insuring your expensive IR camera.
  100. Energy-Tuning Your Home
  101. Freaky Ir Video
  102. marketing energy scans
  103. InterNACHI's IR Course coming to Florida.
  104. Fluke Tir Camera-Thanks Dharris
  105. Try this brainteaser
  106. Metal Ceiling Rust
  107. Moisture Intrusion
  108. Energy Loss: Air Exfiltration
  109. Fluke Ti10
  110. First member to post wins 101-Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Set & case thanks PRO-LAB.
  111. How was the IR teleconfrence?
  112. First member to reply to this post wins Show Me How Video.
  113. First member to reply to this post wins Show Me How Video.
  114. First member to reply to this post wins Show Me How Video.
  115. IR Realtor Presentation
  116. First one to reply to this post wins a subscription to totalrecallinfo.com
  117. On-line IR course -Building IR Basics
  118. Teaser
  119. Moisture Issue
  120. Driveway heating pipe problem
  121. Questionare
  122. Some great IR finds!
  123. A Day In The Trenches
  124. Suggestions For My Businesses Card
  125. 2-day Infrared Training course in Boulder, Colorado on May 17-18, 2008.
  126. A lot of moisture in the attic
  127. Good Info... Tip of the Week
  128. Thermal Imaging DVD
  129. Thermal Imaging Contract
  130. Tips for improving your radiograph scan
  131. Tips on focusing your BCAM
  132. Some Sample Images from new FLIR T400
  133. Tennessee Approves Infrared Certified Training
  134. State of Tennessee approves InterNACHI's Thermal Imaging course for CE purposes.
  135. What camera for geologic application
  136. Infrared Certified Training Course
  137. Doggy Laying Landmines
  138. IR Camera and courses
  139. Infrared Certified Training Course
  140. Great Infrared Training NFL Super Bowl XLII Contest. Place your guesses now!
  141. Thermal Image Gallery
  142. Making money with infrared Webinar with InterNACHI member Steve Ramos on Jan 29, $99.
  143. Join me in welcoming infrared expert Jim Seffrin of Infraspection to InterNACHI.
  144. I Will Pay $50 To Anyone...
  145. Another use for your IR camera
  146. Making Money with Infrared for Home Inspectors Webinar with the House Detective
  147. Question from the public
  148. Trying out new IR software
  149. New Course Added to ITIN Store
  150. Interesting case
  151. February Level 1 training in TN
  152. ITIN Store
  153. Thermal imaging addendum now built-in to Online Inspection Agreement System. Free.
  154. List Your Infrared Website Link Free
  155. Wall Street Journal article on infrared camera use in residential energy audit.
  156. Critiqe My IR Report
  157. $100 Off Ir Reporting Software
  158. I found my fat face on this IR site.
  159. After participating in yesterday's fusion IR camera demo... I'm not too impressed.
  160. Infrared Training Coming To Dallas & Denver
  161. I anyone a member?
  162. Thank you Roy Cooke !!!
  163. Energy Audit Inspections
  164. ITIN Store Open
  165. Hot PIC of Canadian InterNACHI member with his IR camera at Calgary Real Estat Show.
  166. Awesome IR site.
  167. IR/INFO Conference - WOW!
  168. Infrared Camera HELP!
  169. On the other hand cameras don't see all
  170. I may not see you but you can not hide
  171. I'm going to tie IR into Green...
  172. What Did I Do Wrong
  173. Introducing the New ITIN Store
  174. Dual-View software
  175. Understanding Building IR
  176. eZine for Thermographers
  177. Live Teleconference IR Course Jan 26-27
  178. Flyers
  179. Thermal Reflection
  180. Attic shot strange heat??? take a guess
  181. Attic shot strange heat??? take a guess
  182. Level I Certification Next Month
  183. Absolute Zero
  184. Inspection reporting sofware companies becoming Infrared Certified.
  185. Interpreting readings
  186. Coming soon. Infrared Certified Training. 2-day course.
  187. Rain In CA
  188. What Is A Thermographer?
  189. Home Inspector Pro Software Now Infrared Certified
  190. Infrared Sleuth For Hire
  191. Infrared Thermal Imaging (ITI) Network: New Site Launch
  192. IR training from your home
  193. IR on a wharehouse
  194. Logo nonsense
  195. Nice Link PR4 - 5 Stars For You
  196. I'm close to getting us E&O discount for Infrared Certified inspectors.
  197. I'm close to getting us E&O discount for Infrared Certified inspectors.
  198. Current IR owners, question
  199. I got us an "Infrared Certified" professional designation and logo. Help!!!
  200. How often do IR cameras need to be calibrated?
  201. Major Announcement
  202. Riding the IR Wave
  203. Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Mike Holt.
  204. IR/INFO 2008 Conference
  205. Will IR show decay in...
  206. Thermal Image Gallery
  207. $1,000 infrared camera discount for InterNACHI members!
  208. Infrared Sample reports
  209. One Hot Furnace
  210. InterNACHI releases Thermography Addendum to Inspection Contract. Free.
  211. Level 1 Certification
  212. 5 Star Website Award
  213. Cool Pics
  214. Today's Daily Door Prize: A set of 3 tape measures.
  215. Today's Daily Door Prize by NACHI.TV: 9 LED Aluminum Flashlight plus LED Key Chain.
  216. Purchasing an Imager - Determining Which Brand is Best
  217. We're developing a new IR course for real estate agents.
  218. Seeking camera suggestions
  219. BCAM On Sale Now
  220. IR- Getting Started
  221. Gromicko wants to put infrared cameras in your bedroom!!!
  222. IR School
  223. Which camera is preferred!?
  224. Curtains
  225. how to improve your resolution
  226. how to improve your resolution
  227. 300 views on financing a camera!
  228. 300 views on financing a camera!
  229. Vinyl Siding
  230. Lets get it on
  231. Watch out for reflections
  232. Case Study - Rim Joist Insulation Problems
  233. Infrared imaging can be fun, when you have time on your hands.
  234. Thanks for this section!
  235. IR In The Market Place
  236. New Mexico
  237. i am here to answer questions regarding financing IR Cameras
  238. How to make money with infrared seminar in Orlando, FL on January 14, 2008.
  239. Watch John McKenna's video on thermal imaging.
  240. Infrared word template to customize your InspectorBoost brochures.
  241. Infrared PPT presentations.