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  1. MIC question
  2. MIC with Buy Back Guarantee
  3. Bathroom floor
  4. NJ Inspector needed for in-laws home
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  12. Nation's largest inspection company produces Move In Certified video & blog.
  13. mic and buyback guarantee
  14. MIC and re-inspecting cost questions
  15. New Move-In-Certified yard signs.
  16. First 5 to reply win 50 packs of Move-In-Certified marketing pieces.
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  18. Move-In-Certified golf balls.
  19. New French Move-In-Certified logo released.
  20. My first Move-In Certified
  21. Pre Listing Consultations
  22. Home Pre-listing Consultations
  23. How Does MoveInCert work?
  24. Shower Dispenser
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  26. Coming: New Move-In-Certified ebook to send to sellers in your local markets.
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  28. Move-In Certified-sounds like a warranty?
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  30. New rack card promoting Move-In Certified to home buyers
  31. New Move-In-Certified marketing piece is now available.
  32. new Move-In Certified flyer coming soon to Inspector Outlet
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  35. MIC vs Pre-listing difference?
  36. Moved in certified is great.
  37. I just did 35,000 square foot Move In Certified commercial inspection.
  38. Homes Pre-Inspected and Ready..
  39. inspecting a pre-inspected home
  40. Realtor skepticism
  41. First Sellers Inspection
  42. Move In Certified - Controlling Report Distribution
  43. Real estate broker in Green Bay, WI seeking inspector offering Move-in-Certified insp
  44. Homeowner's newsletter?
  45. New! Green Certification Generator
  46. RealtyTimes article recommends seller inspections.
  47. Going Big
  48. First one done
  49. Matched Move In Certified logo
  50. AR blog
  51. First 2 to reply win a 50-pack of Tips to Speed Up Inspections marketing cards.
  52. First 2 to reply wina 50-pack of Move In Certified marketing pieces. Merry Christmas
  53. Why MIC doesn't work
  54. Another national article that pushes seller inspections.
  55. MIC Realtor Presentation
  56. Just got a double MIC inspection.
  57. MIC Agreement
  58. Before or after report
  59. Move in Certified Hurdles
  60. Move In Certified flyer design.
  61. New brochures promote seller inspections.
  62. Citizens Ins. Inspections
  63. Move In Certified Email issue
  64. I do at least 2 MIC inspections a week and those lead to 2 more usually.
  65. FSBO Marketing Letter
  66. MIC and Mountain Warranty ?
  67. I know why you don't have more luck with MIC
  68. MIC Statistics?
  69. "Ask for a Copy of the Inspection Report" sign riders now available.
  70. We're going to run MIC ads on FSBO sites. What are some good FSBO sites?
  71. Putting Move In Certified on my website
  72. InterNACHI member does 5 Move In Certified inspections in the last 30 days.
  73. Does this increase your liability
  74. $100.00 CASH to the first person who can...
  75. We're getting Move In Certified sign riders made up.
  76. Coming soon: Move In Certifified open house sign.
  77. MIC signs
  78. Move in Certified logo
  79. Are Intenachi members automaticaly qaulify to perform Move in ready Inspection
  80. Move In Certified in Demand
  81. Do you regularly take top-producing agents to lunch to promote programs such as MIC?
  82. MIC Success Poll
  83. Question on MIC
  84. For Sale by Owner: Pros and Pitfalls. Please proof this new MIC article.
  85. does this violate
  86. MIC presentation by Nick Gromicko in Colorado Springs, CO on May 10, 2010.
  87. Certification Rules
  88. Free Move In Certified PowerPoint presentation.
  89. Good blog on Active Rain
  90. How to make a FetchReport file ready for MoveInCertified.
  91. Hot PIC of Move In Certified booth at Calgary Real Estate Board Show.
  92. Hot PIC of Move In Certified booth at Chicagoland Home Show.
  93. Move In Certified radio ad running in NY. Listen to it here.
  94. Really Good Article
  95. Move In Certified
  96. Advice for Home Sellers
  97. Today's Daily Door Prize! First Member to Reply Wins!
  98. Hot PIC of Move In Certified booth at Austin, Texas REALTOR Expo.
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  100. Hot PIC: InterNACHI member makes MoveInCertified float.
  101. New Move In Certified brochures.
  102. Top 10 reasons
  103. What size signs
  104. Real Estate Staging Association promotes InterNACHI members.
  105. Hot PICs of MIC booth: Agents fight to get to MoveInCertified literature.
  106. Move-in Certified public reports look terrible!
  107. Pre Sale Inspection Statistics
  108. price for these
  109. Driving by a home for sale? Pull in and give them this book.
  110. Hot PIC of MoveInCertified.com booth in Moose Jaw, SK.
  111. Move In Certified Question
  112. Hot PIC of MoveInCertified.com booth at EXIT Realty Convention in Chesapeake, VA.
  113. I did five move in certified inspections last week. Here is how I get them.
  114. If the house is not MIC?
  115. Hot PIC of InterNACHI / Move-In-Certified.com booth at Georgia Home Show.
  116. Hot PIC of InterNACHI / Move-In-Certified.com booth in Gainesville, FL.
  117. Marketing reminder: Ask every buyer for the inspection on the home they are selling!
  118. MIC/Fetch Report help
  119. Hot PIC of MoveInCertified booth at North Shore Expo.
  120. Hot PIC of MoveInCertified booth at Chicago Home Show.
  121. MoveInCertified
  122. Hot PIC of MIC booth in Florida.
  123. Yard Signs
  124. Some Finding Fault with Unlicensed Foreclosure Inspectors
  125. Hot PIC of MIC in Calgary. 1,200 agents.
  126. Hot PIC: Thousands of agents visit MIC double booth in Atlantic City.
  127. Opps bad click
  128. MIC Inspection (electrical included)
  129. Agreement
  130. Clarksville Real Estate Homeowners Guide
  131. Uncirculated and sealed U.S. Silver dollar proofs. First 20 win.
  132. Down Loading a report
  133. 6 more tricks/tips for landing a seller inspection...then turning into 30 inspections
  134. MoveInCertified on MY OWN website
  135. I just bought $100,000.00 worth of MIC signs for those of you who need more business.
  136. Hot PIC of MoveInCertified.com booth at Ohio REALTOR Expo.
  137. MIC sign in action
  138. MoveInCertified booth at Minnesota Expo.
  139. MoveInCertified at Illinois Association of REALTORs Convention.
  140. How long do you leave the MIC?
  141. Hot Pic of MoveInCertified booth at Barrie Home Show in Ontario.
  142. Move In Certified Works
  143. Marketing for MIC's
  144. Can I use my own inspection software
  145. MoveInCertified booth at REALTOR Technology Expo in Birmingham, AL on Sept 4, 2008.
  146. Chris question
  147. Hot PICs of MoveInCertified signs in action.
  148. Hot PIC of MoveInCertified booth at Omaha Area Board of REALTOR's picnic.
  149. Need a yard sign
  150. Liability of providing MoveInCertified.com vs a regular inspection.
  151. pay per view?
  152. Move In Certified flyer.
  153. Move In Certified Green flyer.
  154. Suggested language for doing seller inspections...
  155. Move In Certified Program, how does it work
  156. Signs arrived!
  157. Free MIC signs.
  158. Very nice inspector's website featuring MIC.
  159. Welcome to this new forum.
  160. What % of your inspections are.......