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  1. New article on inspecting pool drains for hazards
  2. New article on Landscape Shading
  3. New article on Windbreaks
  4. New article on the limitations of a home inspection
  5. New article: “A Garage Inspection”
  6. New article: Inspecting Log Homes
  7. What is a green home inspection?
  8. Is the U.S. facing a water crisis?
  9. New article on ghosting
  10. New article on inspecting historic homes
  11. New article on detecting corrosion in concrete-encased steel
  12. New article on inspectors as expert witnesses
  13. New article on inspecting EPDM
  14. New article on electricity’s origins, consumption and cost
  15. Bump Keys and What Inspectors Should Know About Them
  16. Inspectors working in the dark.
  17. New article on organic solar concentrators
  18. New article on asset protection
  19. New article on solar gardens
  20. New article on EnergyStar deficiencies
  21. New article on how plants can improve indoor air quality
  22. New article on energy efficient mortgages
  23. New article on static electricity
  24. How to inspect EPDM roofing.
  25. New article on solar panel theft
  26. Learn how to inspect for Chinese drywall.
  27. How to Inspect Portable Fire Extinguishers.
  28. New Article on Net Metering
  29. Ghosting for inspectors. It doesn’t mean the house is haunted.
  30. New Article on Solar Panel Rentals
  31. New article on solar water heaters
  32. New article on solar restrictions in homeowners’ associations
  33. New article on advantages of solar energy
  34. New article on disadvantages of solar energy
  35. How to write inspection report narratives.
  36. What to Expect from your Home Inspection Report.
  37. How to inspect a home that was built using alternative methods.
  38. What to do when you miss something on a home inspection.
  39. Are you properly evaluating structural framing?
  40. Three types of underlayment used beneath roofing materials:
  41. Inspecting Underlayment on Roofs.
  42. New article on foreclosure inspections
  43. New article on eco-friendly relocation
  44. New article on bloom boxes
  45. New article on aerogel
  46. New article on rockwool
  47. New article on perlite
  48. New article on the differences between solid brick and brick veneer
  49. New article on vermiculite
  50. New article on fall arrest systems
  51. Just in time for Spring: Free, online How to Inspect Pools and Spas course.
  52. New article on pesticide dangers
  53. New article on lighting in clothes closets
  54. New article on energy efficiency in historic buildings
  55. New article on ice dams
  56. How to determine the age of a building
  57. New article on ozone generator hazard
  58. New article on lightning dangers
  59. New article on grinder pumps
  60. New article on inspecting flood-damaged buildings
  61. Nick Gromicko with Governor Charlie Crist.
  62. New article on removing tobacco odor in buildings
  63. Frost Proof Hose Bibs
  64. New article on noise mitigation in buildings
  65. Garage Door Inspections
  66. Setting expectations of home buyers
  67. Heat Movement
  68. Roof and Ceiling Leak Detection
  69. New article on hard water
  70. New Course on Inspecting Interiors
  71. New article on pest birds
  72. Nevada Real Estate Division approves InterNACHI’s free, online home inspection course
  73. New article on formaldehyde
  74. New article on Fire Alarm Systems
  75. New article on moisture intrusion
  76. New article on inspector vehicles
  77. New article on the hazards of composting
  78. New article on buying vs. renting commercial property
  79. New article on commercial real estate terms that every inspector should know
  80. New article on the mistakes made while shopping for commercial loans
  81. InterNACHI’s commercial office checklist
  82. New article on sinkholes
  83. New article on green strategies for commercial buildings
  84. New article on inspectors and commercial leases
  85. New article on water towers
  86. New article on financing commercial equipment
  87. CAHPI Home Inspector Loses Major Lawsuit
  88. New article on venomous pests
  89. “How to Perform Energy Audits” free, 3-day, online course.
  90. MS approved InterNACHI’s free, online Pre-Licensing courses for 134 hours.
  91. Washington State Home Inspector Licensing Board approves InterNACHI’s free, online co
  92. Canadian Member of the Year, Vern Mitchinson.
  93. Veteran ASHI/CREIA member speaks out about InterNACHI’s online inspector training.
  94. Inspector Library grows by 2 new books. $224.99.
  95. New article on lumber grade stamps
  96. New article on pet allergens
  97. New article on electrical terms
  98. Most Canadian home inspectors are InterNACHI members.
  99. Tennesee approved another one of InterNACHI’s free, online home inspector continuing
  100. New article on electrical service panels
  101. Illinois approved 31 of InterNACHI’s inspector courses today.
  102. New article on cisterns
  103. Free, commercial property code inspection exam-prep tool.
  104. The world’s most popular inspection website.
  105. InterNACHI’s free, online “How to Inspect Septic Systems” course.
  106. New Jersey approves InterNACHI’s free, online inspection courses.
  107. Certified Master Inspector marketing idea.
  108. Prepare to pass the ICC exam.
  109. Oklahoma approves InterNACHI’s online courses for pre-licensing and continuing educat
  110. LIberty Mutual teams up with InterNACHI to provide members with group discounts.
  111. New article on hot water recirculation systems
  112. InterNACHI aquiring Exterior Design Institute (EDI),
  113. Arkansas Home Inspector Registration Board approves more, free, online InterNACHI cou
  114. Structural Issues for Home Inspectors book released today.
  115. New article on building permits
  116. InterNACHI member becomes first Certified Master Inspector in Mississippi.
  117. Anatomy of a Commercial Property Inspection Report.
  118. InterNACHI’s Mark Nahrgang trains Missouri REALTORs
  119. Creating a Team of Experts for your Commercial Property Inspection Business.
  120. New article on carbon monoxide poisoning and detectors
  121. New article on slash piles
  122. Tennessee approves InterNACHI’s free pre-licensing course.
  123. New article on inspecting aluminum wiring
  124. InterNACHI awarded U.S. Federal Certification Mark.
  125. New Course on Inspecting Interiors
  126. Jeff Barnes of Kanas Home Inspector Licensing Board caught issuing fake license to hi
  127. New article on “cool” energy-efficient roofs
  128. InterNACHI’S life-expectancy chart for household materials and components
  129. New article on geothermal heating and cooling systems
  130. New article on inspecting toilets
  131. New article on attic pull-down stairs
  132. New article on ladder safety
  133. New article on safe rooms
  134. Chimney Crickets
  135. New article on faulty Kitec fittings
  136. Attic Ventilation
  137. New article on tree dangers
  138. New article on the pros and cons of OSB and Plywood
  139. Identifying and describing heating systems.
  140. Defrost Cycle of a Heat Pump
  141. U.S. Department of Education study shows online education better than classroom educa
  142. Inspecting Furnaces
  143. New article on green lumber
  144. New article on tie-downs for manufactured homes
  145. New article on wood decay
  146. New article on protective equipment for inspectors
  147. Free, online “How to Inspect the Exterior” course.
  148. New article on central humidifiers
  149. New article on wind mitigation
  150. New article on reserve studies
  151. New article on shrinkage cracks in concrete
  152. New article on soil and settlement
  153. 11 Steps that help home inspectors avoid lawsuits.
  154. InterNACHI releases new, free, online Deck Inspections course.
  155. Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant (FVIR) Water Heater
  156. Inspector Selection, A Real Estate Agent’s Duty.
  157. Water Leak Catch Pan
  158. New article on meth labs
  159. New article on home energy efficiency for homeowners
  160. New article on vinyl windows
  161. Nevada Chapter InterNACHI
  162. New article on depositions
  163. New Article on adjustable steel columns
  164. New article on inspector attire
  165. New article on window bars
  166. New article on marijuana grow operations
  167. World Health Organization’s mold guidelines.
  168. New article on knob and tube wiring
  169. New article on exterior design features
  170. New article on how to increase home energy efficiency
  171. New article on bat infestations
  172. Lock boxes
  173. Deck Inspections, Illustrated (How to Inspect a Deck)
  174. TPR Valve Importance
  175. New article on house numbers
  176. New article on burglar-resistance for homes
  177. New article on backflow preventers
  178. New article on garage doors and openers
  179. New article on lead for inspectors
  180. New article on collar ties and rafter ties
  181. New article on Carpeted Bathrooms
  182. New article on kick-out flashing
  183. New article on permanent wood foundations
  184. New article on pellet stoves
  185. New article on hearths and hearth extensions
  186. New article on mortar types
  187. New Article on Hantavirus
  188. New Article on Firestops
  189. New Article on Anti-Tip Brackets for Ranges
  190. New Article on Backdrafting for Inspectors
  191. New Article on Grounding Electrodes
  192. New Article on Pool Barriers
  193. New Article on Conductor Types for Inspectors
  194. New article on garbage disposals
  195. Inspectors offering winterization services.
  196. New article on sump pumps
  197. A “green” modular home.
  198. New article about moisture meters for inspectors
  199. New Article on Winterization
  200. New Video at NACHI.TV
  201. New article on efflorescence
  202. New article on modular and manufactured homes
  203. New Article on Defensible Space
  204. Chinese Drywall
  205. Polybutylene for Inspectors
  206. New article for inspectors on bidets
  207. New article about AFCI Indicators for Inspecters
  208. Get more inspections and reduce liability with a Customer Satisfaction Survey and boo
  209. The Home Is A Dangerous Place
  210. How to become a home inspector.
  211. New article on fire extinguisher maintenance and inspection
  212. New article about septic systems for inspectors
  213. Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters
  214. Bathroom fans and vents
  215. Dryer Vent Safety
  216. Potable Water Expansion Tanks
  217. Fiberglass Insulation
  218. Safety Glass - An Overview
  219. Sellers: How to Survive Your Home Inspection
  220. How To Prepare For a Home Inspection
  221. Ice Dams and Infrared (Thermal) Imaging
  222. Toxic Drywall from China
  223. Maintaining Your Water Heater
  224. Simple Key to Success!
  225. Locating Missing, Damaged, Settled or Wet Insulation
  226. Corrugated Stainless Steel Gas Lines: A Hidden Danger
  227. InterNACHI Puerto Rico Seminar
  228. Inspector.org
  229. NACHI.TV projects
  230. InterNACHI WDO Course
  231. New Classifieds Section on the Message Board
  232. IR Camera Comparison
  233. Happy Thanksgiving!
  234. New Texas Standards of Practice
  235. Saving Energy Dollars with Infrared (Thermal) Imaging
  236. Welcome to the InterNACHI Blog
  237. New HVAC course at NACHI.TV
  238. International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Fire Doors