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  1. The Home Is A Dangerous Place
  2. New article on fire extinguisher maintenance and inspection
  3. How to become a home inspector.
  4. New article about septic systems for inspectors
  5. Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters
  6. Bathroom fans and vents
  7. Dryer Vent Safety
  8. Potable Water Expansion Tanks
  9. Fiberglass Insulation
  10. Safety Glass - An Overview
  11. Sellers: How to Survive Your Home Inspection
  12. How To Prepare For a Home Inspection
  13. Ice Dams and Infrared (Thermal) Imaging
  14. Toxic Drywall from China
  15. Maintaining Your Water Heater
  16. Simple Key to Success!
  17. Locating Missing, Damaged, Settled or Wet Insulation
  18. Corrugated Stainless Steel Gas Lines: A Hidden Danger
  19. InterNACHI Puerto Rico Seminar
  20. Inspector.org
  21. NACHI.TV projects
  22. InterNACHI WDO Course
  23. New Classifieds Section on the Message Board
  24. IR Camera Comparison
  25. Happy Thanksgiving!
  26. New Texas Standards of Practice
  27. Saving Energy Dollars with Infrared (Thermal) Imaging
  28. International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Fire Doors
  29. New HVAC course at NACHI.TV
  30. Welcome to the InterNACHI Blog