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  1. Citizens board OKs ways to shrink
  2. Worst nightmare
  3. So, how is your AC working?
  4. new security products on the market
  5. Some times you just scratch your head
  6. Wind mit question
  7. The 13th Annual WIND Conference
  8. Before You Do A Wind Mit For A Roofer
  9. Another Problem With Citizens
  10. New product: InterNACHI Field Guide for the Inspection of Tile Roofs.
  11. Wind Mit Report
  12. Citizens inspections
  13. Coming soon: Sinkhole inspection course. Free and online.
  14. InterNACHI Florida Legislative Tour 2011-2012
  15. Stucco eating snails
  16. Opening electrical panel boxes outlawed for H.I.s
  17. Referral Hernando County Wind Mit?
  18. Wrap nailing question
  19. Chinese Drywall Manufacture Question
  20. Wind MIt Wall Type Calc's
  21. Fraudulent use of Florida License
  22. Setting a Higher Price
  23. Can an HI write an Estimate
  24. Gerry was missed
  25. FREE InterNACHI Membership
  26. Florida InterNACHI eNewsletter, November 1, 2011.
  27. Wind Mit ques
  28. Re-inspection Company Recommends Carriers to Stop Re-Inspections
  29. Insurance Needed.
  30. Adding Inspectors to Our Coverage
  31. Great Meeting Everyone. The Conference was a Vacation!
  32. The truth from within Melbourne. Are local chapters worth it?
  33. A Thank You to our Vendors
  34. Lost Items
  35. Storm Catcher
  36. Melbourne IN Conference
  37. Nick's PICs of Florida Inspector's Conference.
  38. Melbourne Conference
  39. Becomes an inspector in May of this year, now has 6 employees.
  40. Same scammers are in the re-inspection program
  41. Can you believe....
  42. InterNACHI gives back.
  43. I counted 131 in Dominic's class at the InterNACHI FL Conference today.
  44. Love thy Neighbor :)
  45. Russ said Nick....you can kiss my......
  46. Fl conference
  47. InterNACHI's first due paying member making an appearance at the conference.
  48. Need House Roof Inspection in Hudson
  49. Need House Roof Inspection in Hudson
  50. Android + Florida Inspector = Needed
  51. roof to wall
  52. Pool guru needed
  53. Tile roof life expectancy
  54. All kinds of door prizes
  55. Florida email blast just went out....
  56. Have you seen these shutters before?
  57. FL 4 Point Rejected For No Life Expectancies
  58. REALTOR imposing his will on the Inspector
  59. Enjoy this month's Florida InterNACHI eNewsletter. October 25, 2011.
  60. Final public hearing on Wind Mitigation Form on December 6, 2011.
  61. Grrrrr!!!
  62. Conference agenda & venue map
  63. Don't miss the Stucco/EIFS inspection training w/InterNACHI's own Ron Huffman Sunday.
  64. This new money-making service being rolled out at Florida Convention next weekend.
  65. Conference Hotel Rooms
  66. Bring your marketing material to the FL Convention and I'll go over it with you.
  67. HUD Inspection
  68. Get the latest on Wind Mits, FL cont ed, inspector marketing, insurance inspections..
  69. How about Lennar
  70. PALM HARBOR wind mit. HURRY
  71. Reinspection Tactics#2
  72. Reinspection tactics
  73. Date of new 1802 form
  74. What do you do when?
  75. Wind mitigation in Key West? New referral
  76. 1802 FBC compliance
  77. Looking to hire a full-time, licensed InterNACHI inspector in SW Florida.
  78. Enjoy this month's Florida InterNACHI eNewsletter.
  79. Mold Assessor West Pasco
  80. Gotta Love those clerks at the Underwriters
  81. Ride In
  82. More info on Citizens sinkhole inspections
  83. 1-day mock inspection training at NWFHIA on October 20, 2011
  84. Wind Mitigation in Coral Springs
  85. 2 Day HomeGauge Training This Month in Florida
  86. Wind mit roof question
  87. OIR 1802 Meeting
  88. Lee County requires Business Tax
  89. Have you seen this?
  90. Cigarette smoke odors (How to remove)
  91. Wind mit special
  92. Anyone seen this?
  93. Sink hole inspections
  94. Referral Ramrod Key? Wind Mitigation
  95. Sanibel strap/connector
  96. InterNACHI lanyards came in today.... getting ready for the Florida Convention!
  97. Glazing During Wind Mitigation Inspections.
  98. Which is Correct?
  99. Wind mit gable ends
  100. Roof to wall attachment
  101. Tampa Wind Mitigation? new Referral
  102. Ungrounded outlets-Insurnace?
  103. Wind Mit Longwood Area (Near Orlando)
  104. InterNACHI inspector booth at Hernando County REALTOR Association Trade Show, Oct 13.
  105. Florida Licensing Exam Preparation
  106. I need a stucco/EIFS inspector in Gainesville. Anyone want the inspection?
  107. FL DBPR approved InterNACHI's FREE, online Wind Mitigation Inspection course.
  108. FL DBPR approved InterNACHI's FREE, online Standards course.
  109. FL DBPR approved InterNACHI's FREE, online Pool & Spa Inspection course.
  110. FL DBPR approved InterNACHI's FREE, online Residential Electrical Inspection course.
  111. FL DBPR approved InterNACHI's FREE, online HVAC Inspection course.
  112. FL DBPR approved InterNACHI's FREE, online Deck Inspections course.
  113. FL DBPR approved InterNACHI's FREE, online Septic System Inspection course.
  114. FL DBPR approved InterNACHI's FREE, online Wind and Hail Inspection course.
  115. FL DBPR approved InterNACHI's FREE, online Customer Service course.
  116. Florida DBPR approved InterNACHI's FREE, online Structural Inspection course.
  117. Roof shape question
  118. PDF forms
  119. Nice
  120. I am curious
  121. Florida Inspector Injured Taking Wind Mitigation Inspection Pictures
  122. Take the boss to lunch on Monday
  123. InterNACHI Wind Mitigation Florida CE
  124. Citizens now requires electrical system upgraded when over 35 years?
  125. What were the Florida building codes before 2001?
  126. New Income Source for Florida Realtors
  127. Best Inspection Software / Reasonable Price
  128. InterNACHI Wind Mitigation Course
  129. Anyone get my snail mail today?
  130. Members only
  131. oir meeting update as it progress's
  132. Nice letter!
  133. Wind Mitigation Information $6.50
  134. truss to wall connection
  135. wind mitigation roof letter
  136. Florida Home and Insurance Inspectors Chapter
  137. New thread
  138. Thoughts...
  139. InterNACHI inspector booth at Manatee Association of REALTORs Oktoberfest on Oct 18.
  140. OIR meeting, Dinner?
  141. 4-Point -Electrical deficiency or not?
  142. Roof OK?
  143. attempting logo insert
  144. How do I add info to post?
  145. Love this Quote
  146. Breaking News Special Session Added to InterNACHI Melbourne Conference!
  147. Paper faced insulation exposed in attic
  148. InterNACHI 2011 Convention invitations being snail mailed to all FL members this week
  149. Tower Hill 4 Point Inspection Form
  150. InterNACHI's 2011 Convention.
  151. What are the latest stats on Citizens roof certifications?
  152. NACHI Attendance for Public hearing on Uniform Mitigation
  153. Hernando county referral Wind Mitigation?
  154. wind mit question
  155. Employees and wind mits or other inspections
  156. Need Doublewide inspection in Pasco
  157. Florida pre-licensing courses being offered in Jacksonville on October 11-14, 2011.
  158. Florida pre-licensing courses being offered in Ft. Lauderdale on Sept 20-23, 2011.
  159. Draft form 1802
  160. Florida InterNAHCHI eNewsletter for inspectors, Sept 6, 2011.
  161. Citizens Roof Cert in Branford, FL who wants it
  162. Pahokee wind mit emailed me at 11:11pm
  163. Buried Oil Tank
  164. Passing Wind Mit Course
  165. Is Dupont's Roof Liner accepted as a SWR
  166. Service Drop Question
  167. Proposed Changes to the Wind Mitigation
  168. Nice Florida inspector's logo.
  169. Radon Inspection in Sarasota
  170. That was quickly put together
  171. Wind Mit & 4 Point needed in Orlando
  172. Wind Mit needed in Pinellas County
  173. wind mit needed casselberry
  174. Photographic Documentation?
  175. Nail Pop?
  176. How bout dem clips?!
  177. MORE - Awesome Vendors for October!
  178. Who Profits From Wind Mitigation Changes?
  179. Was Flat, Now Hip
  180. Bill York Wind Mit Class
  181. New logo created for InterNACHI Nickels
  182. Public hearing on Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form
  183. Grab your boards
  184. I am feeling a little "dirty" wink wink
  185. Another citizens requirement
  186. One for the Wind Mit Gurus
  187. Do you serve Spanish-speaking clients? Good news for you from InterNACHI.
  188. Pre license 120 hour course
  189. phone for you
  190. how much rebar equalls reinforced
  191. Citizens electrical inspection form
  192. Peoples insurance
  193. Citizens 4 point inspection information
  194. Free 4-Point Inspection Report
  195. Seen this
  196. Sinkhole inspections required for Citizens after Oct 1?
  197. PIC of InterNACHI inspector booth in Orlando.
  198. NAIL SIZE? 8D or 6D?
  199. Garage Door Wind Mitigation?
  200. Email Marketing to Insurance Agents
  201. dimensional/tongue and groove
  202. window label
  203. Wind Mitigation Training Class in Jacksonville on August 25th, 2011
  204. Wind Mit with Radiant Barriers
  205. CLIP or OTHER, I'd like to hear from You!
  206. The Big Red Bus - In Honor of Curtis Vilt
  207. Anyone want a wind mit in Palm Coast, FL?
  208. Rare Home Movie
  209. What is your most common attic injury?
  210. wind mit question
  211. Gable braced?
  212. Hip or Gable?
  213. Who is doing IR in South East Florida?
  214. Getting Ready To Litigate
  215. Tile Roof ?????
  216. Adhesive Foam Insulation
  217. Please help get rid or the picture requirements for wind mits.
  218. Impact rated garage door
  219. Dura Pex tubing question
  220. Looking for Inspectors to do Insurance Inspections in NE Florida
  221. Hip- non Hip
  222. Anyone want a Wind Mit in Seville, FL.
  223. Wind Mit in Seville, FL
  224. Website of the month poll.
  225. New Member / Fee Question
  226. opinion on section 3
  227. October InterNACHI Florida!
  228. Radon Conference
  229. Nachi member offering kickbacks
  230. foam roofing
  231. How would you mark this
  232. Overhead Garage Door light Inserts
  233. Positions available
  234. Four point form
  235. Wind Mit reports w/pix software?
  236. Inspectors needed for insurance inspections
  237. Did DBPR ever release an opinion regarding home inspectors performing mold tests?
  238. Permit records older than 12 years
  239. Residential service size rule of thumb
  240. Inspector Insurance
  241. InterNACHI Education Excellence Award
  242. Anyone want a small wharehouse inspection in Boca Raton? Email me.
  243. Anyone want an inspection in Auburndale, FL? Email me for client's contact info.
  244. Cute little house had hidden flaw
  245. New tower hill requirements
  246. Citizen's forms.
  247. Free Wind Mitigation Report software for InterNACHI members from BestInspectors.Net
  248. Gable end bracing
  249. New inspector strikes again
  250. Vegas Conference