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  1. Looking to add an inspector in Vero
  2. How do you get on insurance companys' inspector lists?
  3. Does it pay to have a wind mitigation done
  4. It's soooo lonely at the bottom.
  5. Florida InterNACHI eNewsletter / legislative update, April 5, 2011.
  6. Group Health Insurance For Internachi members in Florida
  7. Quarterly meeting of the Northwest Florida Home Inspectors Association in Pensacola.
  8. NACHI Nickel Donation Site for those taking advantage of the RE Mailing List
  9. Simple chart of Nachi Nickel donation x County for RE listings
  10. Wind Mit Scenario #19 (I think)
  11. Don't miss this inspection event in Sarasota with InterNACHI attorney Joe Ferry!
  12. Having trouble getting good attic photos?
  13. Please Request Your Florida RE Sales & Broker Mailing List File Type
  14. Four Point Inspection Question
  15. Just a suggestion, REDUX
  16. List of every licensed Realtor in your County, Counties or State of FLorida Available
  17. List
  18. Just a suggestion
  19. Citizens is trying to raise prices by 25%
  20. Wind Mit #18
  21. Wind Mit #17
  22. Who wants a Homestead wind mit
  23. It looks like
  24. Anyone want a Pahokee winde mit
  25. Wind Mit on a Modular Home
  26. FL DBPR renews InterNACHI's education providers license through 2013.
  27. HBs 5005 & 5007 Licensing
  28. Florida Realtor Selling Wind Mitigation & Four Point Inspections
  29. Florida InterNACHI legislative update.
  30. New secretary of the DBPR
  31. Commercial metal roof inspection??
  32. Help identifying this roof covering
  33. Mold Assessor license
  34. licenses issued
  35. HI and mold update
  36. FL Home & Insurance Inspector's Chapter News
  37. More Potential Home Inspectors Heading to Florida
  38. March 22, 2011 Florida InterNACHI eNewsletter. Enjoy.
  39. Town hall meeting 7:15 pm 3-22-11
  40. Interesting thread in Texas
  41. The Look of the Professional Inspector
  42. Chinese Drywall Inspection Agreement
  43. For what is it worth
  44. Home Inspectors Unite!
  45. A slow death for florida home inspectors
  46. Thank you schuyler!!
  47. 4 point price commercial
  48. a/c question
  49. "Oh crystal ball what say ye"
  50. March 17, 2011, Florida InterNACHI eNewsletter. Enjoy.
  51. High Quality Inspectors Needed
  52. Wind Mit Window Question
  53. Winter Park, FL Energy Audit
  54. Wind Mitigation Scenario # 16 (I think)
  55. Expert Witness against Florida License Contractor
  56. Florida Home Inspectors win today
  57. Anaerobic Septic Tanks
  58. For New Inspectors doing Four-Point Inspection to dertermine wire size and Amperage
  59. Aluminum Branch Wiring update
  60. Florida license repeal
  61. Wind Mit or 4-Point Agreement
  62. Repeal or Not, When Egos Rule the Answer is Academic
  63. Wind inspections
  64. Wind Mit in Englewood, FL 34223
  65. Seems like a kickback to me
  66. Florida News paper
  67. Florida InterNACHI eNewsletter March 15, 2011.
  68. The secret document
  69. Can you do a wind mit for me?
  70. Property Preservation Services in Ocala...
  71. This is what we are up against
  72. Will PCB BCAS 11-01 pass?
  73. Solfware
  74. Chinese Drywall Inspection
  75. for or against prescription drug database
  76. Gable end bracing
  77. Florida InterNACHI newsletter. Enjoy.
  78. Update HI and Mold bills 3-11
  79. Any recommendations for a WDO inspector for Winter Springs
  80. Florida Ins. Roof Certification, and Pricing in General
  81. Thank You Letter
  82. State Farm
  83. Who wants a Local Wind Mit?
  84. Why the repeal move on mold law
  85. Roof geometry on townhouse
  86. Should Licensing be Repealed?
  87. Legistive update
  88. Bill presented to Senate
  89. Bathroom fans and venting
  90. Something for almost nothing to the first 25 people
  91. one or more
  92. Wind Mit Scenario #15 (or thereabouts)
  93. Hefty rate hikes proposed for Citizens insurance policyholders
  94. Permit question
  95. Wind Mitigation
  96. Wood Door (rott inspection)
  97. Florida Home Inspector Council
  98. Grandfathering is alive and well
  99. Licensing the watermelon industry doesn't make watermelon businessmen any smarter.
  100. Home Inspection competition getting tough..
  101. April 30th Sarasota Chapter Meeting - REDUCED ROOM RATES :o)
  102. Wind Mit warning
  103. Thank You Joseph T. Burkeson
  104. is wind mit transferable
  105. GFCI where required for four points
  106. 4 Point Electrical Question
  107. Booming in Collier & Lee Counites
  108. HI wall certificate
  109. 4 pt
  110. Thank goodness grandfathering is over.
  111. IR needed
  112. No InterNACHI School Opportunity if Not Enough Approved Mold Courses
  113. Attention Florida CMIs. Another group marketing opportunity...
  114. Help with Mold
  115. This roof deck wiggled a little
  116. FBC Reroof/Renail example
  117. Nachi Nickels
  118. Question about MIT-BT II & III (8/2008)
  119. Legislative Funding
  120. I need a 20,000+ square foot building inspected in Orlando. Anyone want it?
  121. Garage dr without a sticker
  122. Software
  123. CMI runs full-page ad that hits over 100,000 Florida REALTORs.
  124. State lawmakers to vote on elimination of sinkhole coverage
  125. Repealing Licensing in Florida
  126. If you are using InterNACHI's mold courses to apply for a mold assessor license...
  127. Hilsboro county wind mit Who wants it?
  128. fla. sat. meeting
  129. What Would Happen If...
  130. My Letter to Representative Grant
  131. Wind Mit Question 5
  132. Jenson Beach Wind mit
  133. Florida Home Inspectors Against Licensing
  134. Florida fix 2
  135. Tallahassee on Monday
  136. Grandfathering
  137. Vote for my website
  138. Aluminum panel shutters - No stamp
  139. Florida Licensing Action Plan
  140. The Great Licensing Debate - I offer my humbe opinion!
  141. New Northeast Florida Chapter of InterNACHI.
  142. My Thoughts on... SB396
  143. Florida meeting is underway...
  144. Florida easy fix
  145. Reminder.... Florida InterNACHI meeting on Friday.
  146. FL Home & Insurance Inspectors Chapter of InterNACHI meeting in Sarasota on April 30.
  147. 1669 Florida Licensed Home Inspectors
  148. Mr. Greg Bell I apologize
  149. Florida grandfather Mold license
  150. Chinese drywall
  151. Wind mitigation inspection
  152. 4 point inspections
  153. It's Official.
  154. 4 point Question
  155. Wind Mitigation Window Question
  156. Staple Question for Wind Mits
  157. How long does it take ?
  158. Guess who Florida HI License # HI1396 is?
  159. Townhouse window protection question
  160. Wind Mit Question
  161. FL InterNACH
  162. Looking for a Wind Mit in Volusia County
  163. Please join me in welcoming industry leader Mark Cramer to InterNACHI.
  164. Newly Licensed Inspector - Mentoring Question
  165. Floirda Septic Inspection update
  166. East Central Florida InterNachi Chapter
  167. Meet or Does Not Meet FBC Wind Mitigation requirements?
  168. Legislative Meeting for Florida Home Inspectors
  169. Wind mitigation question
  170. Introduction
  171. Estimates in Reports
  172. Age of GE compressor
  173. Searching for MOLD ASSESSOR 1 M E&O Florida
  174. Truss tie downs a gable end walls
  175. need WDO certified operator advice
  176. Roof Covering Technical Bulletin
  177. roof age
  178. VA Inspector
  179. Latest from citizens
  180. Last Chance Mold Cert Classes
  181. WDO Certified Operator
  182. Mold E&O
  183. Lake Wales Chapter of InterNACHI inspectors meeting on February 12, 2011 in Florida.
  184. Sb396
  185. Hot pix/ nwfhia
  186. Licence
  187. New construction - roof
  188. q on geometry calculation
  189. Prices
  190. So how was Bonackers
  191. The ultimate home inspector advertising message for Florida in 2011.
  192. Port Charlotte Home Inspection
  193. CH Insurance Brokerage lowers rates for InterNACHI members in Florida.
  194. InterNACHI training & Florida CEUís
  195. New Impact protection product
  196. Someone want a Mit in W. Palm Beach
  197. Lost Computer Power Cord
  198. First candidate for the mentoring program
  199. New twist on Aluminium wiring
  200. Call Me Before You Do This Boynton Wind Mit
  201. How to effectively use email marketing?
  202. Aluminum wiring on 4 point inspection
  203. New OIR-B1-1802 ?
  204. FL Ins. Chapter Annoucements - Board & Committee Chair Members
  205. Thank you Michelle Shishilla!
  206. 20 story apt. builting wind mit.
  207. Hot PICs of InterNACHI's 2-day inspection event in Florida.
  208. West Central Florida Chapter of InterNACHI inspectors meeting in Tampa Feb 19, 2011.
  209. See the full-page CMI ad running in FL Association of REALTORs Magazine.
  210. Get ready to rumble!
  211. Inexperienced Inspectors
  212. West Central Florida Meeting
  213. I need a clever comment
  214. Insurance dropped on homes with Chinese drywall damage
  215. Honor Guarantee
  216. 4-Point Four Plex
  217. Probably A St. Pete wind mit.
  218. Licensing problem
  219. Well distance from septic
  220. Bumpy Corner Bead
  221. Directions to and from Venues
  222. InterNACHI rolling out a big announcement (another free membership benefit).
  223. Rob Irion, President of AAA Construction School will be at the Melbourne meeting.
  224. Florida InterNACHI President Zoe Fackler will be at the Melbourne meeting.
  225. Florida Home Inspector Coalition update?
  226. John Shishilla.... your birthday today?
  227. Mold Assessor Practice Test
  228. wind inspection
  229. Chinese Drywall Inspection
  230. Schuyler Hellings of CH Insurance will be flying in from NY to be in Melbourne.
  231. I'm working on a big GL insurance discount for FL InterNACHI members.
  232. Mold
  233. Mold Assessor
  234. Bob Farr, Secretary of FABI, will be at the Melbourne meeting.
  235. 6 boxes of Door Prizes shipped to the Melbourne meeting.
  236. FHA/HUD inspection?
  237. Join Nick Gromicko for Dinner & Drinks!
  238. Dr. John Shane of Pro-Lab will be at the Melbourne meeting.
  239. Chinese Drywall expert, Dr. Gary Rosen, will be at the Melbourne meeting.
  240. InterNACHI's Nick Gromicko will be at the Melbourne meeting.
  241. InterNACHI legal researcher Dayna Jones will be at the Melbourne meeting.
  242. InterNACHI's first member, Bill Turtle, will be at the Melbourne meeting.
  243. Russell Buchanan of HomeGauge will be at the Melbourne meeting.
  244. Ben Gromicko of NACHI.TV will be at Melbourne meeting.
  245. Mike Crow of Millionaire Inspector Community will be at Melbourne meeting.
  246. Kevin OMalley of Casey and OMalley will be on hand for the Melbourne meeting.
  247. Michael Hapner of Izon Analytics will be at the Melbourne meeting.
  248. Polk County Wind Mit. Who wants it?
  249. is this for washing the breakers?
  250. SPF insulation in framed wall cavity