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  1. Wind Mit Scenario #2
  2. East Central Florida InterNACHI Chapter meeting in Palm Coast on Sept 18, 2010.
  3. New Chapter UPDATE:
  4. Wind Mit Scenario 1
  5. New InterNachi Chapter
  6. Measuring roof perimeters
  7. Need a WDO in Boynton tomorrow
  8. Wind Mit information
  9. Another wind mitigation question
  10. Sorry, you lost all your discounts. No, I didn't confuse confuse your staples for 8d
  11. wind mitigation question
  12. Permits FAR / BAR
  13. InterNACHI inspectors booth at REALTOR Connections in Ft Myers on Sept 15
  14. No acess ,unknown?
  15. Bye bye My Safe Home program.
  16. "Fortified" Inspectors
  17. Open or Expired Permits??
  18. Another Wind Mit Discussion
  19. Wind mit class on Aug 4th
  20. 4 point inspections
  21. Florida InterNACHI web site up and running
  22. License Numbers in Florida
  23. InterNACHI inspectors booth at Central Pasco REALTORs event in Wesley Chapel, Florida
  24. Florida Insurance Inspectors Chapter
  25. Zircon MT 6
  26. What is the best inspector program/software to use in Florida?
  27. For those having trouble finding GL insurance
  28. GL Insurance
  29. Some help with this Citizens form, please...
  30. Lead paint test needed in orlando
  31. State Shreds Your 120 Reports After Scanning
  32. InterNACHI release its new "Florida Adjusters" course. Online and free.
  33. Farbar
  34. How many Home Inspector Licenses Will be Issued Under the Grandfather Clause?
  35. Citizens advances InterNACHI to negotiation phase.
  36. Zoe and Nick
  37. Wind mits by home inspectors
  38. Windmitigation question for Big additions
  39. Home inspector lic #1
  40. Mitigation
  41. The last of InterNACHI's course applications were sent to Florida for approval today.
  42. Workers Compensation Exemption
  43. Another Proctored Exam in SoFla?
  44. Florida DBPR reassures members that they will get grandfathered.
  45. Testing Policies
  46. Mold Inspector vs Mold Mitigation
  47. Wind Mit features vs wind rating credits
  48. InterNACHI received another instructor approval form FL today.
  49. License number
  50. Private Adjuster needed
  51. New InterNachi Chapter
  52. Glad that is over with
  53. New Wind Mit Question
  54. GL insurance for HI
  55. Wind Mits in the News
  56. Wind mitigation question
  57. Florida Department of Financial Services approved InterNACHI's instructor today.
  58. Knights Software's new Wind Mitigation Reporting System.
  59. Florida licensed Home inspector
  60. 120 reports
  61. South Florida Chapter
  62. Northwest florida home inspectors assn meeting
  63. Northwest Florida Home Inspectors meeting in Pensacola on July 29, 2010.
  64. Florida license & dbpr
  65. InterNACHI booth at REALTOR Connections 2010 Show in Fort Myers on September 15, 2010
  66. When will we be able to get the Florida License?
  67. We sent out a snail mail via U.S.P.S. to all Florida members today. Sneak peek...
  68. Florida proctored exam for grandfathering being offered in Panama City on July 19.
  69. Florida proctored exam for grandfathering being offered in Orlando on July 26, 2010.
  70. Florida proctored exam for grandfathering being offered in Ocala on July 29, 2010.
  71. Florida proctored exam for grandfathering being offered in Jacksonville on July 22.
  72. how does fl. want the 120 inspections
  73. Florida application typo
  74. Florida License application is READY !!!
  75. Licensing update meeting at West Central Florida Chapter on July 24, 2010.
  76. The idiots are at it agian
  77. Structural Engineer Longwood FL Area
  78. What do you think
  79. InterNACHI recommended in Angie's List article about Florida inspector licensing.
  80. Citizens - Building Code Training Program?
  81. DBPR Florida:
  82. Florida countdown
  83. Central Florida Nachi Test
  84. Balcony and railing certs
  85. When did Florida Code come into effect?
  86. TEI needs qualified Nachi inspectors with General, Building or Res
  87. I need someone reliable to do wind Mits on the South West coast of Florida.
  88. Ride along inspections
  89. More compliments about Zoe...
  90. What a great day!
  91. What a great day!
  92. Make Money On Wind Mitigation Inspections NOW.
  93. Flanachi inspection management group
  94. Wind Mitigation Inspections
  95. Free video training: Performing Wind and Hail Damage Inspections.
  96. EM Solutions seeks InterNACHI inspectors for Citizens Insurance.
  97. Florida Four point form
  98. Florida InterNACHI proctored exam being given in Ft. Meyers on June 24, 2010.
  99. Florida InterNACHI proctored exam being given in Ft. Miami/Ft. Lauderdale on June 16.
  100. Flat roof section wind mit
  101. Zoe Fackler
  102. Inspection Prices in Florida
  103. Commercial Insp and 4 points
  104. 1802 fillable form
  105. InterNachi Exam Grading
  106. Nick, Are you going to do the same for Mold inspections?
  107. Free pink barbie electric kid car.
  108. www.floridainsuranceinspections.com
  109. Any Idea what this was for? Grow house or Meth Lab?
  110. InterNACHI members might get tens of millions of dollars worth of inspections!!!
  112. Hb713
  113. Flat roof, structurally connected?
  114. Citizens Insurance hands out another no-bid contract
  115. Insurance discounts decreasing
  116. Quick question for our FL members...
  117. See Anything Wrong (Hialeah's Best)
  118. Florida grandfathering exam being given on June 3, 2010.
  119. Florida home inspection test
  120. Two-week crackdown begins on Florida drivers not wearing seat belts
  121. Looking for your best reports
  122. Your Fees for Services
  123. Gerry Beaumont's Funeral Arrangements
  124. FHA Inspections
  125. Wind mitigation form Item #2
  126. Mold Inspection Fee Schedule
  127. Four Point Question
  128. Universal's Wind Mits-GOOD NEWS
  129. I cancelled Gerry's cell phone service today.
  130. Gerry Beaumont passed away last night.
  131. Reputation of Florida Builder
  132. Four Point Inspections
  133. New form fbc credit
  134. Mold Rules Workshop with DBPR on May 5, 2010.
  135. Home Inspection Rules Workshop with DBPR on May 5, 2010.
  136. update on licensing
  137. NEW - Automated Wind Mitigation Form
  138. 4 point: Plumbing life expectancy???
  139. W. Central Florida InterNACHI Chapter meeting in Riverview, FL on May 15, 2010.
  140. Insurane Inspection for Mobile Homes
  141. Big fun time quiz on wind mit form
  142. pre bid conference for reinspections-may 6th
  143. Cost Estimates in Home Inspections.
  144. InterNACHI releases ALL NEW, free, online Wind Mitigation Inspection course today.
  145. New Mitigations - Raise Your Prices
  146. Condo inspection
  147. Latest Wind Mitigation Legislation.
  148. Do you Hate The New Wind Mit Form?
  149. Reminder: New Wind Mit1802 form
  150. Florida license support now!!!! 12hrs to respond
  151. Are You Doing wind Mits In S.E. Florida ?
  152. Wind Mit Form
  153. Packed house at InterNACHI chapter meeting in Florida tonight.
  154. Foundation Settlement Training at Southeast Florida Chapter of InterNACHI on April 20
  155. HIP tutoring
  156. Quarterly meeting nwfhia nachi chapter
  157. Why do we need associations?
  158. update on home inspector licensing
  159. Take InterNACHI's online video Inspecting Chinese Drywall course.
  160. Chinese Drywall Sample Analysis
  161. Building inspectors - ICC
  162. Tampa area inspectors
  163. Chinese Drywall Inspection Training
  164. Wind mitigation
  165. Gable wall question...
  166. please stop the madness
  167. Looking for Broward County Inspectors
  168. Wind Mit form
  169. Wanted South Florida Mold Inspector
  170. W Central FL Chapter of InterNACHI meeting on Pools and Decks in Riverview, March 20.
  171. Looking for someone to do Wind Mitigation Inspections in Orlando area
  172. InterNACHI at 40,000-attendee Taste of Oviedo Show Florida on April 17, 2010.
  173. new
  174. InterNACHI membership in Florida topped 1,100 today.
  175. Free newspaper publicity in S. FL. I need a member for a newspaper interview.
  176. Hot PIC: Nick Gromicko with Governor Charlie Crist.
  177. Winter Haven, FL Dream Home turns into nightmare after buyers skimp on home inspector
  178. Pinellas County FL, Permit Search
  179. Do you want to do a Wind Mit in cleweston?
  180. CPSC identification protocols for Chinese drywall.
  181. Waterered down H.I. Bill
  182. Former CMI Prez Michael Rowan loses $60 million dollar contract with Citizens.
  183. Glitch Bill is in! 3 ways to get a Florida Home Inspectors License.
  184. IR RADON MOLD July 1, 2010
  185. NWFHIA hosting motivational seminar 1/27
  186. Wind Mit QA
  187. Florida to accept 120 hours of InterNACHI's free, online courses for pre-licensing.
  188. mitigation bulletin
  189. Is this Fraud?
  190. Attention: South Florida Home Inspectors
  191. NW Florida Home Inspectors Association meeting in Pensacola on January 21, 2010.
  192. Citizens- Interior/Exterior Inspection Request
  193. Broward, Palm counties see 42% increase in foreclosures
  195. Stakeholder overview & HVAC at W. Central Chapter of InterNACHI on Jan 23, 2010.
  196. No warranties for Florida Inspectors-12/31
  197. Sea Walls and Docks
  198. EDI Chinese drywall inspector certification course.
  199. Legislation
  200. Looking for well established inspector..
  201. Wind Mitigation public hearing at the Florida DOIR on December 21, 2009.
  202. Did you see the big InterNACHI logo in Gainesville Association of REALTORs Directory?
  203. New wind mitigation inspection form and proposed rule changes released by FL OIR.
  204. Florida radon testing
  205. West Central Florida Chapter of InterNACHI meeting in Riverview, FL on Dec. 5, 2009.
  206. Citizens awards contract without RFP
  207. msfh inspector rejected by citizens
  208. InterNACHI releases online How to Perfom Wind Mitigation Inspections course.
  209. Big good news about Florida and InterNACHI coming out any day now!
  210. Four Point..NACHI....Which Ins. Companys will accept them?
  211. Watch the new episode on Chinese Drywall with Ben Gromicko.
  212. Schools Still Trying to Rip People OFF
  213. citizens reinspection plan
  214. NW Florida Home Inspectors Association meeting in Pensacola on Oct 29, 2009.
  215. InterNACHI booth at Toledo Blade Business Group meeting in North Port, FL on Nov 14.
  216. Crawl Space Insulation Installation Question
  217. Today's WSJ has an article about Citizen's cancelling policies for Chinese drywall.
  218. Florida InterNACHI membership back up over 1,000.
  219. Need H.I. Mentoring
  220. Florida Home Inspector Licensing meetings reminder.
  221. Pictures on insurance inspections
  222. Florida License 2010
  223. Facebook
  224. meeker industries-70 $ mitigation
  225. InterNACHI inspector needed in West Palm/Boca Raton.
  226. ESA radon class / Ft Myers
  227. crazy consumer
  228. Florida home inspector licensing meetings, mold, 4Point, Wind Mitigation, etc.
  229. BALCONY Inspections in FLORIDA (Commercial)
  230. Never