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  2. How to Inspect Private Drinking Water Wells
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  13. Meth House Hazards and Remediation Course
  14. "How to Perform Meth Inspections" Course
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  16. Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Course
  17. Appliance Inspection for Home Inspectors
  18. Calculating Envelope Energy Loss Course
  19. Stucco & EIFS Inspection Training Course
  20. How to Inspect Water Heater Tanks Course
  21. How To Perform Deck Inspections Video Course
  22. Foundation Walls & Piers Course
  23. Student Discussion of Comfort and Climate Course
  24. Building Science & Infrared Thermal Imaging for Inspectors Course
  25. Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider Course
  26. "Illinois Standards of Practice & Legal Issues for Home Inspectors" online course
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  30. "Australian: Introduction to Home Inspections" course
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  32. "Home Energy Score for Real Estate Professionals" online course
  33. "Inspecting the Means of Egress" online video course
  34. Residential Plumbing Overview for Inspectors Course
  35. "Introduction to the Standards of Practice" course
  36. "South Africa: Introduction to Standards of Practice" course
  37. "South Africa: Soils, Substructure, and Superstructure" course
  38. "South Africa: Introduction to Home Inspections" course
  39. "Australia: Standards of Practice" course
  40. "Infrared Thermography Inspection Training" video course
  41. "Electrical Panel Inspection Training Video" course
  42. "Inspecting Portable Fire Extinguishers" online video course
  43. "10 Steps to Performing a Roof Inspection" online video course
  44. "Advanced Training for Inspecting HVAC Systems for Home Inspectors" online course
  45. "Fundamentals of Inspecting the Exterior" online video course
  46. "Inspecting Slate Roofs" online video course
  47. "Home Energy Blower Door Training" online video course
  48. "Defect Recognition & Report Writing" online course
  49. "Calculating Envelope Energy Loss" online course
  50. "Inspecting Metal Roofs" online video course
  51. "How To Perform Mold Inspections" online video course
  52. "Inspecting Tile Roofs" online video course
  53. "Inspecting Wood Shingle and Shake Roofs" online video course
  54. "Nevada Home Inspectors Standards of Practice & Legal Rules" online course
  55. "Inspecting Asphalt Shingle Roofs" online video course
  56. "Lead-Safe Work Practices" online video course
  57. "General Roof Inspection" online training video course
  58. "Safety for the Exterior" online video course
  59. "Wind & Hail Inspection and Roof Replacement" Video
  60. Ladder Safety Training Course
  61. "Sales, Customer Service and Communication" course
  62. "How To Perform Energy Audits" Course
  63. 25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know Course
  64. "TREC Texas Standards of Practice, Legal and Ethics" course
  65. "How to Inspect Manufactured and Mobile Homes" online course
  66. Energy Movement Course
  67. 'House as a System' Course
  68. How to Perform Roofing Inspections
  69. How to Perform Wind Mitigations
  70. Home Energy Survey Course
  71. Certified Renovator Inspector Online Video Course