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  1. Roof material identification
  2. Prompt checks
  3. Roof inspections utilizing a Drone
  4. Burnt Attic
  5. Moss Growing on Roof
  6. First to reply wins Roof Inspection Field Guide.
  7. Field Guide for the Inspection of Wood Roofs. First to reply wins.
  8. Field Guide for the Inspection of Tile Roofs. First to reply wins.
  9. First to reply wins: Field Guide for the Inspection of Slate Roofs
  10. Asphalt Shingle Defect Recognition Guide
  11. First 10 members to reply win InterNACHI's Roofing Inspection book.
  12. Flat roof penetration flashing
  13. Discussions about roof warranties.
  14. Which one of you guys walked this one?
  15. Roof Flashing for a 14 old roof
  16. Worst patio roof job I've ever seen
  18. Attic spray foam
  19. What type of roof covering?
  20. New Roofing Material!
  21. Question on Roofing shingles & shakes
  22. Good narrative?
  23. Question
  24. standing seam roof install
  25. Painted Roof
  26. partice board roof sheating?
  27. Particle board roof sheathing, always a bad idea, but...
  28. Gutter/Drip Edge Damage
  29. What are these?
  30. Roofing condition?
  31. Closer Please...
  32. Sensor in plumbing vent stack?
  33. Need flat roof help
  34. Which First
  35. Exposed nails in last shingle
  36. Ridge cap installation
  37. treating algae stains on roofs
  38. No toy drones
  39. Slope to flat tranisition
  40. Roof Program #2
  41. Roof Data Tech. Norwalk OH
  42. Problem at Lowes
  43. "Roof Data Technician Program" live, online event. Thu, Aug 14, 2104, 8:30 PM EDT
  44. Kickout flashing required?
  45. Roof Program
  46. Nails left behind
  47. Nailing pipe collar boots
  48. Onsite Owens Corning Data Form Template
  49. Have you all been receiving your check$ from our Owens Corning project promptly?
  50. kick out flashing not required
  51. Roof Data Tech Program & Marketing Events
  52. Metal roof over asphalt shingle
  53. Falling Off A Roof
  54. Attic Ventilation
  55. Radiant barrier foil
  56. Fan Vs. Vent only in Roof which is more effective for making the roof last longer?
  57. Tough roof
  58. roofing age ?
  59. This is an interesting aluminum roof
  60. Concrete tile roof
  61. Torch Down Rubber roofing, Maintenance
  62. Does this look right to you
  63. Roof Inspection & Marketing Event in Eugene Oregon July 3, 2014
  64. Roof Inspection & Marketing Event (free & open) in St Louis, MO, July 18, 2014
  65. Roof Inspection Program & Marketing Event (free & open) in Chicago, IL, July 17, 2014
  66. Roof Inspection Program & Marketing Event (free & open) in Toledo, OH, July 16, 2014
  67. Large Antennae in Attic Space
  68. Entering a shallow attic - Florida
  69. How much degranulation?
  70. Additional Revenue Stream for U.S. Inspectors
  71. Purpose of these fitting
  72. 5.11 Tactical Boots
  73. drip edge, drainage & gutter code requirements
  74. Attic Ventilation
  75. Shingle Uplift Help
  76. A novice in need of some advice
  77. Asphalt shingles
  78. Watch this Roof Data Technician Program video update for U.S. members
  79. Rake side of Roof
  80. Drone Roof Inspection
  81. 9 Free Events for InterNACHI's Exanding Roof Inspection Jobs Program
  82. Owens Corning Roof Inspections
  83. Roof inspector did not do the job right and is upset
  84. asphalt shingles installation?
  85. To walk or not to walk....
  86. Nice Valleys
  87. What are these ripples on roof
  88. Roof Rating
  89. Roof Deck Attachment
  90. Deck screws
  91. Why would a roofer do this?
  92. What do you see?
  93. closed valley install
  94. Shingling over dish bracket
  95. Tile on 1:12 pitched roof?
  96. Flying High
  97. Rippley's Believe it or not
  98. Metal roof
  99. Skylight
  100. I thought it was a cut valley....
  101. What type of roof covering is this???
  102. Owens Corning Roof Inspection Payments
  103. Roofing tests
  104. roof shape discount question
  105. Gutter discharge
  106. Strange roof decking
  107. Drip edge
  108. What is this?
  109. Second opinion
  110. Have you ever
  111. Any thoughts as to the cause of this damage?
  112. Tin roof with no sheathing
  113. Rubber shingle roofing
  114. Valley Rafters to short?
  115. roof ventilation / ice damming
  116. Should this have flashing
  117. Updated Instructions for Inspectors Participating in the Owens Corning Roof Program
  118. Roof to wall connection
  119. Downspout Clogged?
  120. Support Box?
  121. Back in Heaven
  122. First Drone Flight
  123. Re-Roof Afadavit Verification
  124. Foam coating on tile roof
  125. Free Webinar: "How to Inspect a Roof" on Tuesday February 18, 2014
  126. What to charge for these roof inspections?
  127. Concrete Tile Hip Rafter
  128. Why do chimneys have crickets but not skylights?
  129. Collar Ties vs. Rafter Ties article upgrade.
  130. Clay Tile Density Checker Question
  131. Ice Dam - Colorado
  132. Roof Ridge - need advice
  133. Its raining in the attic. FML
  134. New Roof, or Old Roof?
  135. Clay and Concrete Roof question
  136. Asphalt flat roof flashing
  137. Chimney saddle flashing
  138. Particle board on parapet wall
  139. Another reason to get on the roof
  140. If your inspector didnt get on the roof, he could have missed this.
  141. Gary, you can't see this from the ground
  142. The secret is out
  143. Golf ball or baseball
  144. Can anyone help me identify this insulation
  145. gambrel roof transitions
  146. Pitch Gauge App
  147. Blisters on flat roofing.
  148. First to post wins a very expensive rechargeable flashlight.
  149. First 5 to reply win Kenton's entire library of Roof Inspection Field Guides.
  150. First 15 to reply win How to Perform Roofing Inspection books (hard copies).
  151. No cross ventilation. Defect or not.
  152. what sop do you use for...
  153. Shingles curling
  154. Need advice on roof leak that happened after I inspected
  155. What is this?
  156. Break um in right
  157. New roof with cracked shingles
  158. Slate Roofing
  159. Craze cracking in asphalt shingles
  160. Coating ID question
  161. Roof Inspection?
  162. Help Please! Silver Flat Roof Material??
  163. Radiant Barrier?
  164. What do you guys spot as issues?
  165. Dumb and dumber dept.
  166. liquid roof coating
  167. seeking input on roof condition
  168. Delaminating Roof sheathing
  169. 1-Minute Video: Update to the Owens Corning Roof Program, Oct 1, 2013
  170. Roof Inspection
  171. Update to the Owens Corning Roof Program
  172. Do a roof in Half the time
  173. mold happened every winter
  174. Flat verses sloped
  175. So what exactly holds that chimney pipe up? Oh, I see.
  176. New, free, video: How to Determine the Total Square Footage of a House Roof.
  177. Haag certified
  178. Roof ventilation
  179. Roofing material?
  180. When were architectural shingles first manufactured?
  181. Video: How to Measure the Total Square Footage of a House Roof
  182. Nailing metal roof?
  183. Free Webinar Tonight, Aug 29, 9PM EDT, "Roof Inspection Program" with Owens Corning
  184. marks on roof shingles
  185. Really
  186. What is Acceptable Attic Temperature compare to Outside\Inside ?
  187. Shingle Overlap Poor Install?
  188. Nice roof
  189. Shingle fade near vent
  190. Free Inspector Event in Charlotte, NC, on September 5, 2013 with Owens Corning
  191. Hey Dan in KC
  192. How to determine type of roof
  193. Free Webinar: Roof Inspection Program Expands to 14 States
  194. Distasteful roofs
  195. Pucker factor was high
  196. New video: Inspecting Roof Slope and Pitch
  197. Seeking input on roof condition
  198. Why here?
  199. Free Roof Inspection Event in Portland, OR, on Thursday, August 15, 2013
  200. Watch this 1-minute video about our roof inspection pilot program with Owens Corning
  201. Requesting Images of You Inspecting a Roof
  202. Narrative Needed
  203. concrete or clay tile
  204. Premature Aging
  205. Slate roof question
  206. Shingle eating critters
  207. Ladder stability & gutter damage
  208. Don't need no stinkin' flashing
  209. Owens Corning and InterNACHI partner on Roof Data Technician Program.
  210. Ridge vent or not with cedar?
  211. Roof covering type
  212. 13 yr old shingles needing replaced?
  213. Shingel defect or type?
  214. Just one little nail
  215. Ridge Vent...Handmade?
  216. Leaking roofs
  217. New Article: Measuring Roof Slope and Pitch
  218. Valleys cut wrong; report verbiage
  219. Interesting Object on roof -
  220. Insurance claims
  221. Is this drip edge
  222. Bad roof ?
  223. Home Inspector way...
  224. New, free SpectoScope logo for members performing roof inspections from the ground.
  225. Kickout flashing
  226. Roof Sag and Moisture or ?
  227. Roof Sag and Moisture or ?
  228. Racking GAF shingles
  229. Wind Mitigation roof type question
  230. Spider man shoes
  231. How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Roof Covering?
  232. DOH! What the heck?
  233. Kick out flashing
  234. What is your opinion?
  235. Slate roof question
  236. Whats the white stuff
  237. Galvanized Tin Roof Useful Life ?
  238. Porch addition
  239. End of useful life?
  240. Roof item description needed
  241. Hey Gary lets go Golfing
  242. Venting
  243. not quite right
  244. Attic Components
  245. Skylight flashing
  246. Would you recommend replacement of the damaged shingles?
  247. Please ask questions about roof here
  248. Its not a bird Its not a plane
  249. Moisture staining on the common wall. Any one see this before?
  250. Danger Danger Will Smith