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  1. Get more roof inspections with InterNACHI's free Roof Inspector logo.
  2. Concrete tile roof
  3. Ridge vent openings
  4. Smell complaint
  5. Drip edge: Over or under tar paper at the eave?
  6. Roof Type Question
  7. radiant barrier question
  8. Spectoscope???
  9. Looked ok from the ground
  10. more of why we walk on roofs
  11. This is why we walk the roof.
  12. Roof Stains
  13. Metal roof wthout sheathing?
  14. Connecticut Home Inspector Licensing Board approves free online Ladder Safety course
  15. Im Stumped by This Stain
  16. Add a little chaulk !
  17. Worst roofing install?
  18. Had to look at this one for a minute
  19. Because we care...
  20. This is what you see from the ground
  21. Running start
  22. Never saw this material before
  23. Anyone recognize this shingle?
  24. Pete Russell just for you
  25. roof protrusion
  26. Valley shingle overlap
  27. No ladders required
  28. New hazard during roof inspections!
  29. Roof ventilation question
  30. Roofing Warranties
  31. Looking for info on insulation dams between house attic and attached garage.
  32. No H clips New Const.
  33. Ridge Cap
  34. Roof Flashing?
  35. Flashing a rubber roof chimney
  36. No sheathing under new shingles...
  37. Asphalt shingles
  38. Stone Impregnated Steel Roofing
  39. Foam Roof Mountains
  40. Roofing
  41. Roof styles
  42. Exposed nails
  43. Adhesive Strip Showing?
  44. Slate roof things
  45. General Roof Defects Audiobook: $29.95.
  46. I safely go up 30 feet with the Spectoscope. Hot PICS...
  47. Someone had
  48. Ridge Cap Shingles over Ridge Vent
  49. Staining Question
  50. Yo Gary
  51. All four InterNACHI Roof Inspection Field Guides.
  52. Clay tile roof
  53. this is for the experts
  54. Who is going to bite this bullet
  55. Rubber roof decking
  56. What do you make of this sheathing?
  57. Attic Insulation
  58. Wood stays wet forever
  59. Exposed Nail
  60. A roof just for????
  61. point of moisture intrusion?
  62. Shingle nailing quiz
  63. Any info out there on these shingles?
  64. Asbestos Shingles?
  65. Ventilation requirements for wood shake roof shingles?
  66. Roof climbing 101
  67. Rafters.
  68. Premature Deterioration?
  69. Not quite ready for harvesting!
  70. Rubber Roof
  71. KC transplant
  72. A few worn out shingles?
  73. Vertical Roof Decking
  74. Roof Certification? Really?
  75. Looks fine
  76. Chimney flashing
  77. Get you some Charley!
  78. Poorly Applied Layer of Shingles?
  79. If the valley slopes at 17 deg, what's the pitch of the common rafters?
  80. Stained 3 Tab Shingles
  81. Roof covering material
  82. Enjoy this 1-minute video: "Walking on Concrete Tile Roofs"
  83. Free "Inspecting Slate Roofs" online video course released today.
  84. I guess I'm not walking the roof...
  85. Black widow in the gutter
  86. Super-termites: talk about your hungery bugs!
  87. painting roofing material
  88. Atistric roofer
  89. What are these stains on comp
  90. Roof vent caps
  91. New plumbing boots!
  92. 1 picture says it all
  93. roof leak
  94. Hip roof
  95. R Value of Packing Peanuts
  96. Is this flashed correctly?
  97. Two hours ago
  98. Do you know what kind of roof this is?
  99. Client wants to be on roof?
  100. Heat, Drought, Heavy Storms Bring Home Improvement Worries, and Fraudsters
  101. New OSHA Residential Fall Protection
  102. Drip edge?
  103. Ragged Random Slate, for Kenton
  104. The cowboy way
  105. Cement tiles too heavy for roof?
  106. Pesky roof stains
  107. How To Repair A Stucco Chimney In Vero Beach, FL
  108. Soldered Flashing Junctions Make The Difference On Expensive Houses In Vero Beach, FL
  109. Chimneys Are A Huge Problem In Vero Beach, FL
  110. Learn About Rodent Proofing Here
  111. Plumbing stack boot
  112. Chimney or not
  113. Moss growth
  114. Shingles and hail
  115. Small spots of caulking/tar at roof surface
  116. Split laminated shingles
  117. Help with spray foam roof coating
  118. Attic Ventilation
  119. Well Hello there
  120. Not old enough
  121. New Roof 15lb underlay
  122. Free Inspecting Metal Roofs, online video course released today.
  123. Clicklock permanent roofing
  124. My Review of the AR Drone for roof inspections
  125. Roof with a hole
  126. Hump in the Roof Shingles
  127. Can anyone give me a little background on this type of roof tile?
  128. Just picked up one of these for inspecting hard to reach roofs
  129. Roof to deck roof connection
  130. Looking for vent illustrations.
  131. Standing seam metal roofing pitch
  132. Where's the flashing?
  133. Steep Roofs
  134. Flashing Detail
  135. Slope vs. Pitch
  136. Standing seam roof joint question
  137. Aliens?
  138. Roofing contractors going to kill someone
  139. Can cable wires be run...lay on top of the roof?
  140. Roof Decking - Insured vs Insurer
  141. New Recycled Rubber Shingle May Be Game Changer for Roofing Industry
  142. Roof is toast!
  143. Just for Dan B
  144. Waves looking down the roof...question
  145. Vent Boot
  146. Rolled Roofing
  147. We just released a new Inspecting Tile Roofs online video course today.
  148. We just released a new 4-part Roofing Inspection course today. Enjoy.
  149. Shingle overlap necessary with a drip edge?
  150. Do You Get Up On Top?
  151. Rake edge flashing qusetion
  152. WHY????
  153. We released a new Asphalt Shingle Inspection online 21-part video training series.
  154. This explains quite a bit
  155. New General Roof Inspection video training series released.
  156. We updated our Wind and Hail Inspection online video course.
  157. New, free Ladder Safety Training online video course released today.
  158. Roll roofing in valley.....
  159. Valley flashing, too much?
  160. Remove moss naturally.
  161. Pests or fungus?
  162. Has Anyone Seen This Before?
  163. Roof overhang tolerance
  164. Attic Ventilation "Requires Further Evaluation"
  165. Rust spots on Asphalt dimensional shingles
  166. What Are Your Thoughts ?
  167. bathroom venting into attic
  168. Why painted?
  169. Roof plumbing vent flashing.
  170. Is this an area that Kick out flashing should be recommended.
  171. Truss uplift?
  172. Metal roof boots
  173. Does this look like hail damage?
  174. Sheet rock on the underside of roof decking?
  175. Dimensional shingle cracks
  176. Numbers on roof
  177. For those who complain about quality of comp shingles:
  178. Sidewall flashing allows continuous
  179. Must be a new style
  180. ridge vents
  181. Type of Shingle?
  182. Plumbing vent boots
  183. First 10 to reply win How to Perform Roof Inspections book.
  184. Roofing material ?
  185. Lightning strike?
  186. Common Roof Defects found during inspection
  187. Crazing Cracks
  188. White spots
  189. Mastering Roof Inspections: 145-article series on inspecting roofs.
  190. Roof Design
  191. Asphalt shingle cracks
  192. Roof ventilation Types
  193. Metal Roofing
  194. roof acne
  195. Inspecting Spray Foam Roofing Details
  196. New product: InterNACHI Field Guide for the Inspection of Tile Roofs.
  197. Shed roof section flashing
  198. Tubular skylight on metal roof
  199. Roof valley
  200. 3 tab shingles & wind resistance
  201. Asphalt Shingles Interesting Article
  202. Shingle Blistering
  203. Roof at the end of its life
  204. Downspout discharge onto roof illustration
  205. Black roof, vaulted ceiling, wet moisture stains
  206. Cracked shingles after 6 years
  207. Metal roof valley with lots of sealant
  208. My secret to more roof inspections
  209. Roof looks good...upclose I dont see flashing...Need advice
  210. roof venting
  211. low slope roof
  212. Bur roof
  213. shingles worn out
  214. Duro-Last Roof
  215. Roof Install
  216. High resolution photos of METAL ROOFS needed
  217. Green Roofs
  218. Licened Roofer's Work
  219. NEW! InterNACHI's Field Guide for Inspecting Wood Roofs. $14.99.
  220. NEW! InterNACHI's Field Guide for Inspecting Slate Roofs. $14.99.
  221. Rubber roof vents?
  222. Air Pockets in Flat Roof
  223. Crunchy roof??
  224. Is this approved roof covering?
  225. Does Roof Underlayment and Bitumen are consider SWR?
  226. What kind of shingles are these
  227. Deck on Flat Roof help
  228. Built Up Roof Narrative
  229. contractor claims I don't need roof flashing by dorm windows???
  230. Wood Shingle Roof
  231. Roofing material
  232. Solar Heating on Roof
  233. Re-roof: new OSB deck over wood shake/shingle
  234. Shingle wrinkles
  235. When is more than ONE layer of asphalt shingles prohibited (by IRC)?
  236. Architectural shingles badly shot after 10 years -- manufacturing defect? warranty?
  237. Florida DBPR approved InterNACHI's FREE, online Roof Inspection course for 4 hours.
  238. Home Depot roof covering
  239. Roof Material Identification Question
  240. InterNACHI releases new Asphalt Composition Shingle Defect Recognition Guide.
  241. Rolled Roof / BUR
  242. New roof and flashing
  243. Certify my Roof!
  244. Roofing 101 Amazing
  245. roofing form
  246. roof shape
  247. Minor Roofing Damage
  248. Sorry, I can't inspect your roof today,
  249. Roof Valley
  250. Roofing Question