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  2. Consumer needs a log home inspected in Tennessee.
  3. I bought this on eBay. Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association from 1961!
  4. Contract draft
  5. InterNACHI inspectors booth at NETAR Show in Jonesborough, TN on Oct 11, 2016.
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  7. East Tennessee Chapter of InterNACHI inspectors meeting on June 11, 2016.
  8. East Tennessee Chapter of InterNACHI inspectors meeting in Knoxville, TN on March 26.
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  11. Insurance Provider for Nashville
  12. Tennessee approved InterNACHI's free, online Radon Measurment course.
  13. Tennessee approved InterNACHI's Saving Home Energy course for real estate agents.
  14. Tennessee approved InterNACHI's Home Energy Score course for real estate agents.
  15. Tennessee Has Approved InterNACHI's Free, Online Residential Structural Design Course
  16. Tennessee approved InterNACHI's free House as a System course for home inspectors.
  17. Tennessee approved InterNACHI's free Comfort and Climate course for inspectors.
  18. Tennessee approved InterNACHI's Energy Movement for Inspectors course. Free.
  19. Tennessee approved InterNACHI's free Calculating Envelope Energy Loss course.
  20. Tennessee approved InterNACHI's free Indoor Air Quality course for home inspectors.
  21. Tennessee approved InterNACHI's free online Septic System course.
  22. Tennessee approved InterNACHI's free Inspection Business Course.
  23. Looking for Roof inspector in Nashville area
  24. InterNACHI booth at Keller Williams Fair in Chattanooga, TN on April 7, 2015.
  25. Tennessee approved InterNACHI's Free, online Home Inspection Business Course today.
  26. Tennessee Approves InterNACHI's Free, Online "Fireplaces, Stoves, & Chimneys" Course.
  27. Tennessee Department of Agriculture approved InterNACHI's free, online WDO course.
  28. First 12 members from Tennessee who post here win TN marketing cards for TN agents.
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  30. InterNACHI members now get to join HITA for free.
  31. Tennessee Real Estate Commission approved InterNACHI's online courses for agents.
  32. Tennessee approves InterNACHI's free online courses for continuing education.
  33. Tennessee accepts InterNACHI's free, online radon course.
  34. Tennessee approves InterNACHI's free online courses for pre-licensing.
  35. Welcome to the new Tennessee/HITA Inspectors forum.