House of Horrors

An entire house with 1,000 defects built under our roof. Open and free to everyone.

The House of Horrors is an entire house with 1,000 defects built inside the InterNACHI Headquarters building in Boulder, Colorado, and is part of The InterNACHI School.

You're welcome to come to The InterNACHI School and practice performing home inspections by finding all of the defects purposely installed in the House of Horrors, which has more defects than most inspectors will come upon in their entire home inspection career.

The House is open to everyone.

If you're interested in a formal training class or hands-on training session with a Certified Master Inspector®, we have that available for you. We call it a Home Inspection Training Day

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Descriptions of all of the defects are on our iPads. Grab one and learn at your own pace as you go through the House of Horrors. Here's an example of the defects that you can look for at the deck.

House of Horrors Update #4

Roof Defect Training

Time-Lapse #8

The House of Horrors is built to intentionally include:

  • improperly wired outlets;
  • plumbing code violations;
  • an electrical service full of issues;
  • 16 different exterior sidings and stucco finishes;
  • 31 different roofing systems;
  • cutaway drywall to expose framing members;
  • environmental hazards;
  • various types of insulation systems;
  • improper gutter and downspout systems;
  • heating systems with defects;
  • three different water heating systems;
  • green building features;
  • almost 200 different safety concerns;
  • an infrared camera training wall and roofing system with manipulated water leaks and electrical issues;
  • a sprinkler that simulates rain on the roof;
  • safety glass;
  • drainage issues;
  • roof penetrations;
  • notches and holes in joists;
  • a full masonry chimney;
  • damaged and clogged sewer lines for sewer scope training;
  • common code violations;
  • a full-size septic system with tanks;
  • vents;
  • crawlspaces that students can actually enter;
  • egress violations;
  • clothes dryer problems;
  • TPR discharge valves;
  • energy loss issues;
  • an exterior "deck of horrors" with dozens of issues;
  • a set of stairs to access the roof and chimney;
  • firewall issues;
  • appliances;
  • elderly, child, and pet safety issues;
  • an improperly installed radon mitigation system;
  • a full kitchen with defects;
  • a full bathroom with defects; and
  • a glass floor that allows students to see the structure from above and below.


The free pass a quick tour around the House of Horrors. If you're interested in spending the day here in a more formal training session with an instructor, we can provide that for you at one of our upcoming classes or events, or you may contact us to schedule an appointment.

Ultimate Ride Along

Come to the InterNACHI House of Horrors and inspect it. It has thousands of defects you might not see during an entire career in the home inspection business. You'll be accompanied by InterNACHI instructor Kenton Shepard, you'll get to try out all sorts of equipment and tools, you'll generate your own inspection report, and you'll have it reviewed. You can then go back and do it again. This is almost a hyper inspection that will take you all day. Click here for the Ultimate Ride Along.

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