Class Dates and Details

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Train with a Certified Master Inspector® and advance your skills in performing home inspections and finding all of the defects at the House of Horrors, an entire house with a thousand defects built under our roof at InterNACHI Headquarters.

One Certified Master Inspector® will mentor as you practice:

  • performing home inspections;
  • finding all the defects; and
  • writing inspection reports.

You will learn:

  • where the defects are;
  • why they are defects; and
  • how to describe them in your inspection reports.

Free first 6-month membership to InterNACHI will be provided to all non-members who purchase this training day (for non-members only, $249 value).

There's nothing like this amazing facility to help boost your inspection techniques, knowledge and skills.

You’ll also have an opportunity to test-drive over $20,000 worth of inspection tools and meet the InterNACHI marketing team.

Included with your training day:

  • free 6-month membership to InterNACHI (for non-members only, $249 value);
  • free lunch;
  • inspection t-shirt; and
  • a set of home maintenance books.

Location of the InterNACHI School

InterNACHI Headquarters, the InterNACHI School, the House of Horrors are at 4635 Nautilus Court S, Boulder CO 80301, which is about 50 minutes away from Denver International Airport.


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