Home Inspection Training Day: The Ultimate Ride Along

If you're interested in formal training or a hands-on training session with a Certified Master Inspector®, we have that available for you. We call it a Home Inspection Training Day or the Ultimate Ride-Along.

During a typical ride-along:

  • you might inspect a home that has very few defects.
  • you only get to try out the equipment and tools the inspector owns.
  • you might be with an inspector who isn't a good instructor and can't explain everything.
  • neither of you might find any defects.
  • the inspector suffers from a conflict of interest in that he/she likely doesn't want to train a future competitor.
  • the inspector likely won't permit you to take all the time you need.
  • the inspector likely won't permit you to generate your own inspection report.
  • the inspector may not take the time to review your inspection report.
  • you'll likely have to pay the inspector.

Our Ultimate Ride-Along is different, and provides just the training you need!

Come visit InterNACHI's House of Horrors® and inspect it. It has thousands of defects you might not see during your entire career in the home inspection business. Feel free to take a self-guided tour!

One of our instructors (if available) can take you around and show you the highlights of the house's systems. You're welcome to practice performing home inspections by finding all of the defects purposely installed in the House of Horrors®. Spend all day here, if you wish. We have a master list of the defects, so you can check the accuracy of your inspection.

The House of Horrors® is open to everyone for a self-guided tour.

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To make sure the House of Horrors® is available (without conflicting with previously scheduled sessions) and to confirm the availability of a guide, please contact us.