InterNACHI Discount on ShareCard, the Virtual Business Card


ShareCard Introduces Exclusive Discount for InterNACHI® Members  


BOULDER, Colo.  (June 18, 2018) – InterNACHI® is pleased to announce a new discount for members.  ShareCard is a real estate-related digital business card service that combines the utility of traditional paper business cards with the functionality of a powerful web-based service.  

Nearly everyone owns a smartphone, and ShareCard was designed to be pinned to smartphone home screens.  It is shareable, viral and editable, so it's more useful than having just paper business cards to give out.  By using the ShareCard, your business will always be just one tap away.

ShareCard is now available at an exclusive price for InterNACHI® members.  InterNACHI's ELITE ShareCard services include full account development, plus ongoing monthly technical and development support for a nominal fee of just $88 for a fully-customized setup, and $15 per month for ongoing support, hosting, and upgrades.

Register for your InterNACHI® ShareCard today by visiting order-internachi.php -- discounts for InterNACHI® members will be automatically applied.

Should you have any questions, please contact Stephen Cancler at (206) 784-7100 or  Technical questions should be directed to Robert Humphries at (770) 558-7752 or