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InterNACHI® Is the only home inspector training school that is accredited by the U.S. Department of Education. InterNACHI® holds accreditation for all of its online training courses, inspector exam, and inspector certifications by the U.S. Department of Education through the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET).

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Friday, January 19
Workshop Schedule

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Home Inspect IR 8-Hour Certification Class

This class is designed for those wanting to learn more about thermography and becoming a Certified Infrared Home Inspector. Attendees will gain a better understanding concerning the thermography and methods to increase your revenue during your home inspections.

(United Infrared offers Level 1, 2 and 3 thermal imaging certifications. This is not what is being provided at this convention.)

TREC Approved 8-Hours continuing education class #47009 , Provider #10026

8 AM - 5 PM


Peter Hopkins

United Infrared

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Inspecting Stucco and WRB Systems

This class provides attendees with a clear understanding for inspecting stucco and weather resistant barriers [WBR] materials. This is a must attend class for any home inspector that inspects new construction, stucco, and any masonry product. You will never look at stucco in the same way after attending this class.

TREC Approved 8-Hours continuing education class #45555, Provider #10026

8 AM - 5 PM


Jeff Adams-BW.jpg

Jeff Adams

Certified Professional Inspector®

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TREC Inspectors Legal, Ethic & Standard of Practice

This class is “required every two years” to renew your TREC Inspectors License. Check your renewal license date with TREC. If you don’t have this class in your records during the past two years, you will need to take this class in order to renew your TREC Inspectors License.

TREC Approved 8-Hours continuing education class #41541, Provider #10026

8 AM - 5 PM


Clay Collins-BW.jpg

Clay Collins

Cerified Master Inspector®

Saturday, January 20
Workshop Schedule

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Pool and Spa 8-Hours Certification Class

This is an 8-hour class that will provide you with a certification by passing the optional exam. Mike is a national renown speaker and will demonstrate how to properly inspect pools and spas. If you are not inspecting pools and spas with your home inspections, this class gives you the knowledge to increase your revenue while performing the home inspection.

TREC Approved 8-Hours continuing education class #47010, Provider #10026

Michael Casey-BW.jpg

Michael Casey


8 AM - 5 PM


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Inspection of Commercial HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Systems

This class will provide attendees with knowledge for inspecting commercial properties and provide check lists and a ton of information to get you started or to increase your commercial inspection business. Commercial property inspections produce excellent income for those that know how to inspect these types of properties. If you’re looking to learn how to inspect commercial properties, then this class is a must.

TREC Approved 8-Hours continuing education class #46214, Provider #10026

Rob Claus-BW.jpg

Rob Claus

CCPIA Director & Instructor

8 AM - 5 PM


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Inspecting Electrical Systems

This class is designed just for home inspectors. Attendees will learn about current TREC Standards and inspectors’ requirements with ways to write the reports. Attendees will learn the details of the TREC requirements, the IRC and NEC code references, and ways to report deficiencies using the TREC Report Form. Attendees will see things to look for from an inspectors’ viewpoint as never seen before.

TREC Approved 8-Hours continuing education class #46834, Provider #10026

Shannon Gatewood-Derrick McMullen-BW.jpg

Shannon Gatewood & Derrick McMullen

Cerified Master Inspector®

8 AM - 5 PM


Live, Hands-On Demonstrations

House of Horrors® Virtual Reality Tour

Experience the 1,000+ defects within InterNACHI’s Colorado House of Horrors® through a virtual reality tour! Explore the house and sharpen your skills with a state-of-the-art virtual reality headset.

Pro Inspectors 2023-360 VR Experience.jpg

House of Horrors®


Each Day, All Day


LP Building Solutions Trailer Tour

Explore this interactive trailer brought to you by LP Building Solutions. Check out the LP videos, test products, and get a glimpse of a sampling of what they offer in this hands-on experience.



Building Solutions

Each Day, All Day


Sewer Scope & Well Inspection Demo

Get hands-on with the tools you need to perform a professional sewer scope or well inspection. Inspector Mentoring's demonstration booth will provide tools and resources that will help you minimize obstacles and maximize opportunities to add sewer scope and well inspections to your line of services.


Jim & Mike Krumm

Inspector Mentoring

Each Day, All Day


We'll see you in Texas!

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