Stop Getting Screwed Over on Credit Card Processing

If you are an inspector, you are getting screwed on credit card processing fees.  You think you are paying 2.1%, right?  Wrong.  I've analyzed hundreds of credit card statements.  Inspectors are charged setup fees, monthly fees, PCI fees, regulatory fees, account-on-file fees, surcharges for accepting corporate cards from your clients, transaction fees, fees for manually entering instead of swiping, annual fees, totally made-up fees, etc.  When you average in all these additional costs, you are actually paying more like 3.5%.  Worse, many of these processors hold on to the inspector's money for days.  They are taking your money for doing nothing!!!  And if you call to complain, these credit card processing companies don't even answer their phones.  

Look at this nonsense:

I'm done.  We're done.  We're not taking this crap any more.  

Fellow InterNACHI® members, do this:  Apply here. The application can be filled-out easily online, Google Play, App Store, or even just call Charlie at (540) 447-4789.  If you already offer credit card payments, we'll help you switch over.  It's simple.  And there are no application fees or contracts.  We're that sure that you'll love us.

Start accepting payments on your phone by tomorrow... and stop getting screwed over, forever.

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Nick Gromicko
Founder of InterNACHI®