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My photos are too large, how do I resize them?
My photos are too large, how do I resize them?

Pictures and other files that need to be uploaded typically have a maximum file size. Read below to learn multiple ways to reduce them.

Written by Bogdan Kharchenko
Updated over a week ago

Some forms, such as that for Owen's Corning Roof Data Technician Program and Mock Inspections, will have a maximum file size requirement.

The photos must be under 5MB each. If some are larger than that, you will need to resize them. I have included links below with instructions:

There are also free online image resizing applications, such as or, if you only need to down size them by a small amount.

Another option would be to use an app such as Google Photos to backup and store your photos. Google Photos offers many benefits, such as automatically backing up your photos and making them accessible across all of your devices, removing the need of having to email the images or transfer them to your computer. It also provides an option to store your photos at a slightly lower file size, which will remove the need to reduce the file size before uploading them. In addition to these benefits, you also will no longer need to store the photos on your phone, which will save a ton of memory.

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