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Become a HUD 203(k) Consultant
Become a HUD 203(k) Consultant

Learn how to become a HUD 203(k) Consultant

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A 203(k) consultant is a professional who is responsible for advising clients on the complicated 203(k) process. They make sure the required paperwork is filled out and filed correctly so that homeowners can obtain a 203(k) loan. Many 203(k) consultants are inspectors who wish to widen the scope of their business. Inspectors already have much of the knowledge and training required to become a 203(k) consultant. 

In order to become an approved HUD 203(k) consultant, applicants must be approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

There are five requirements that must be met and submitted in a resume or list format for consideration by HUD.  Please visit to become a HUD 203(k) Consultant.

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