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How do I become a licensed home inspector?
How do I become a licensed home inspector?

This article will go over navigation of our website in order to find out how you can become licensed as a home inspector.

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Many states require that home inspectors obtain a license in order to conduct business. There are varying regulations and requirements for these licensing programs, and many of them include:

  1. education; 

  2. examination; as well as

  3.  insurance requirements.

To find out if your state requires licensing, visit our pre-licensing page. Once you find out if your state requires licensing, you can proceed to completing the steps to obtaining your license. If we offer the education for pre-licensing, all you need to do is sign up to become a member with us, which will give you access to all of our online education.

If your state does not require licensing, but you still want the training and education to become a home inspector, we offer the Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) program. This will take you through similar training that the states require and upon completion, you will receive a certificate as well as many other benefits that come with the designation.

You can find more information on the CPI program, check out the CPI requirements and our CPI benefits

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