The House of Horrors® is an entire house with over 1,000 defects. Inspectors can practice performing home inspections in the House of Horrors® to advance their inspection knowledge and skills. The House of Horrors® is open to everyone during normal workday hours. If you’re interested in attending events or experiencing hands-on training at the House of Horrors® with a Certified Master Inspectors®, we have that available for you. The locations for our House of Horrors® are Boulder, Colorado and Weston, Florida. To see upcoming classes in Colorado visit our Colorado House of Horrors® page. For upcoming classes at our Florida location visit the Florida House of Horrors® page.

Hands-on training includes:

  1. Become a Home Inspector Training: This 5-day training is for anyone new in the home inspection business or an experienced inspector looking to enhance their skills.

  2. Advanced Home Inspection Training: This two-day Advanced Home Inspection Training Class at the House of Horrors® will cover electrical systems, plumbing systems, heating systems, structural issues, EIFS, and stucco.

  3. Sewer Scope Inspector Training: You'll learn how to perform sewer scope inspections, identify and describe pipes and defects observed during the inspection, and add this ancillary inspection to your business in the most profitable way.

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