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How to Download a State-Specific Certificate
How to Download a State-Specific Certificate

Downloading the right certificate for your state licensing agency

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For InterNACHI members in certain states/provinces, they will need to present a certificate of course completion with more information than the general InterNACHI certificate (student's license number, InterNACHI's provider number, etc).  If you follow these simple, easy steps you'll ensure you're downloading the correct certificate and save yourself time and energy. 

  1. Log in with your email/username and password and go to your dashboard.

  2. Make sure that if your state has issued you a home inspector license number, it's included in your InterNACHI profile. To do so, click "Licensing" from menu on the left. If you already have a license number in your profile, you'll see it show up above "Add License Number". You can edit this number at any time. If you need to add a license number, simply click "Add License Number". 

  3. You must have a license number added to your profile BEFORE you pass the course exam. If you pass the exam and add the license number afterward, you'll have no choice but to retake the exam. 

  4. To download a state-specific course certificate click “My Records” from the menu on the left. This will pull up three boxes dealing with your education records. Click “View” under “Exam Scores & Certificates”. Find the course name for the certificate you want to download. Click on “Download Certificate” in green under the course name.

  5. Find the course name for the certificate you want to download. Click on "Download Certificate" in green under the course name.

  6. ***MOST IMPORTANT*** Look for "Your Certificate of Completion & Credits" in big, bold red text. You will have TWO different certificates available for download - one is the simple InterNACHI certificate and the other certificate is edited for your state. Make sure you download the state certificate. See below for an example.

In this Texas example, a student would need to ensure he/she downloaded the Certificate within the "TREC, Texas Real Estate Commission..." box to submit to his state board. Your state board may titled differently; simply be sure to download the certificate out of the state box and not the InterNACHI certificate box. 

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