Advanced Home Inspection Training


Monday, September 23 - Tuesday, September 24, 2019
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


House of Horrors® at Pro-Lab® Campus
1675 North Commerce Parkway • Weston, FL 33326



House of Horrors®
Training Details

This two-day Advanced Home Inspection Training Class at the House of Horrors® will cover the following:

  • Electrical Systems (panels, bonding and grounding, and age-related issues, such as arc faults, etc.);
  • Plumbing Systems (including private well/septic systems, and issues related to the water supply and waste lines, etc.);
  • Heating Systems;
  • Structural Issues (common masonry cracks, and how to identify normal settling vs. structural issues that need further evaluation);
  • Roof Issues ; and
  • Inspection Protocol (to minimize your liability and increase your referrals).



Juan Garcia, CMI®

Florida-licensed home inspector Juan Garcia is a Certified Master Inspector® and owner of the multi-inspector firm Same Day Inspection, along with a new construction company that did over $1 million of business in its first year of operation. Holding state licenses as a mold assessor and remediator, general contractor and roofing contractor, and real estate associate, Juan has worked in some aspect of the homebuilding and real estate industries since 2002, following his eight-year service in the U.S. Army. Juan is passionate about innovation and sharing his knowledge as a successful business owner.

There's nothing like this amazing facility to help boost your inspection techniques, knowledge and skills.

You’ll also have an opportunity to test-drive over $20,000 worth of inspection tools and meet InterNACHI's Member Marketing Team.

Included with your Training Day:

  • free six-month membership in InterNACHI® (for non-members only; a $249 value);
  • free lunch;
  • free InterNACHI® t-shirt; and
  • free home maintenance books for your clients.

Train with a Certified Master Inspector® and advance your skills in performing home inspections and finding all of the defects at the House of Horrors®, an entire house with a thousand defects built under our roof at InterNACHI® Headquarters.

A Certified Master Inspector® will mentor as you practice:

  • performing home inspections;
  • finding all the defects; and
  • writing inspection reports.

You will learn:

  • where the defects are;
  • why they are defects; and
  • how to describe them in your inspection reports.

A free six-month membership in InterNACHI will be provided to all non-members who purchase this Training Day (for non-members only; a $249 value).

Location of the InterNACHI School

InterNACHI® Headquarters, the InterNACHI School, and the House of Horrors® are located at 4635 Nautilus Court S in Boulder, Colorado (80301), which is about 50 minutes from Denver International Airport.

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