While You’re Here

There's plenty to do while you're here.  So, stay a little longer.

InterNACHI's House of Horrors

At the House of Horrors, which is an entire house with 1,000 built in the InterNACHI Headquarters building:

  • practice performing home inspections and writing reports, and
  • advanced you knowledge and skills as a home inspector.

There are more defects at the House of Horrors than most inspectors will find during their entire career. This is the ultimate training experience for a home inspector.

Advance Your Inspection Skills

Train with a Certified Master Inspector® and advance your skills in performing inspections and finding all of the defects at the House of Horrors, an entire house with a thousand defects built under our roof at InterNACHI Headquarters.

Spend the whole day here if you wish. You will be mentored as you practice:

  • performing home inspections;
  • finding all the defects; and
  • writing inspection reports.

Sign Up for a Training Day

Boost Your Marketing

Schedule a workshop with Jessica Langer, Director of Member Marketing, to work with you in getting your marketing designed professionally. She'll start you on a short questionnaire to get you thinking about your brand and your logo design. After your logo is designed, you then meet with our illustrators who will design all of your print marketing materials, such as your business card, flyers and brochures.

All of the design work is free.

Get a Free Promo Video


You'll want to schedule some extra time to stay at the Video Studio with James and produce some custom promotional videos for your company.

We will film, edit, and produce a short 30-second video for you to upload to your YouTube Channel, embed on your business website, and share on social media.

Just come in, stand in front of the camera, and talk about why your inspection business is the best, and we'll help produce a video for you.

All free.

Shop Inspector Outlet


Shop for everything you need as a great home inspector at Inspector Outlet, which has its store inside InterNACHI Headquarters.

Test-drive over $20,000 worth of tools provided by our e-commerce partner, Inspector Outlet, including:

Inspector Outlet will provide you with special pricing and discounts, if you decide to shop at the store located inside InterNACHI Headquarters.

Grab Free Inspector Marketing

While you're here, pick up an armful of free marketing materials. We have:

  • free flyers,
  • free brochures,
  • free rack cards,
  • free home maintenance books, and
  • free badges and stickers.

And all of these help you promote your inspection services and certifications. We have free marketing materials for Infrared Certified®, Buy Back Guarantee, Roof Data Technician, Inspector Certifications, IAC2 Certifications, Credit Card Payments, Homeowner Newsletter, $10,000 Negligent Referral Protection, 11th Month Warranty Inspection, Monster Free Inspections, Home Energy Score, Home Maintenance Book, $10,000 Honor Guarantee, Certified Professional Inspector® designation, and more.

Read the Textbooks

We have a massive Inspection Library including InterNACHI's textbooks. So, you can read through any textbook prior to purchasing them.

This library is great for researching modern building codes, standards, illustrated dictionaries, and code commentaries. We have books on every system of a home and commercial property. We also have the most comprehensive section on stucco and EIFS. There's even a section on sales and marketing for home inspectors.

Grab some coffee, sit by the fireplace, and enjoy the books.

Customize Your Books

Your company can have its own customized home maintenance book to give to clients at no additional cost. We can put anything you want on the cover, including a different title, photo of you, your inspectors, your work vehicle or whatever you like. We'll provide all the design work for free.

Meet with our Member Marketing Team to customize your marketing books.

Certified Master Inspector


Certified Master Inspectors (CMIs)® are the best inspectors in the world.  CMI is a professional designation available to all qualifying inspectors who wish to become Board-Certified by the Master Inspector Certification Board.

All CMIs are experienced, dedicated to education, and have a proven record in the inspection industry.

Learn more about becoming a CMI

Meet with Nick Gromicko

Come to Nick's office in the front of the building and talk business strategies and gaining a competitive advantage.

Bring a coffee and your notebook.

You may want to first read his recent book on increasing gross revenue SLEEP WELL: A Home Inspector’s Guide to Managing Risk.

Meet Ben Gromicko

Come by anytime and speak with Ben Gromicko, InterNACHI's Director of Education.

Can't find what you need? Ben will help you find it.

Have questions about what to do next in your business? Ben will help you get answers.

Want to simply talk about your business and marketing strategies? Ben will strategize with you.

Be sure to first visit our 15-step checklist for success, which has everything you need to be successful.

Be sure to watch at least one of Ben's many videos on performing a home inspection, where he includes not just technical procedures but also branding and marketing strategies.

And here's a video about how to build your own home inspection website at no cost to you.

Legal Counsel

Schedule some time with InterNACHI's General Counsel, Mark Cohen, who has an office at InterNACHI Headquarters.

Ask Mark about InterNACHI's free Issue Resolution Service for members. If a home-buying client has a complaint about their inspection, InterNACHI can try to resolve it for you. Mark will also be available to speak about the easy steps that help home inspectors avoid lawsuits.

Be sure ask Mark about the free Online Inspection Agreement System for all InterNACHI members.

Electrical Panel From Hell

Nick Gromicko and his staff have constructed a problem panel set up in the House of Horrors.  This is a must for inspectors who want to be better prepared to spot problems with residential electrical service panels, including service size, wiring, connections, and issues with the panel's labeling and exterior.

InterNACHI's Inspection Museum

Vintage binoculars
Vintage binoculars
Explore inspection history.

Visit the InterNACHI Home Inspection Museum and check out the first battery-operated flashlight, the oldest and most expensive infrared camera, and much more.

InterNACHI's Inspector Hall of Fame

Roy Cooke
Roy Cooke
Take a peak and see who have made contributions to the inspection industry over the years.

Register for a Class

While you're here, register for an upcoming class or customized training day at the InterNACHI School and the House of Horrors. We provide live, hands-on training classes every month. Speak with our School Director and see if you can register for some advanced training before or after the event. Visit the InterNACHI School.

Inspector Apparel


Visit the inspector apparel store. We have shirts, caps, jackets, and every else you need to be wearing.

Oval Office Set

Every graduate gets a picture at our Oval Office Set while receiving their certificate.

....and much more!