House of Horrors®

Weston, Florida

The Florida House of Horrors® is an entire house with a thousand defects built under our roof. Open and free to everyone.

The InterNACHI House of Horrors® at the Florida Location in Weston, Florida, is an entire house with a thousand defects built under our roof. Inspectors can practice performing home inspections in the House of Horrors® to advance their inspection knowledge and skills. The House of Horrors® is open to everyone during normal workday hours. If you’re interested in attending events or experiencing hands-on training at the House of Horrors® with a Certified Master Inspectors®, we have that available for you. As an online institution, InterNACHI does not require members to attend any live training classes or enroll in any in-residence program, and InterNACHI does not require onsite attendance. The training provided at our Houses of Horrors® in Colorado and Florida will help you develop your professionalism and skill set as a home inspector while enjoying the camaraderie with other members. Students seeking to gain and develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform a home inspection and to attain a Home Inspector Program Certificate of Completion may enroll in InterNACHI’s online Home Inspector Certificate Program.

Over 1,000 Intentional Defects

1,000+ Defects!

  • improperly-wired receptacles;
  • plumbing code violations;
  • an electrical service full of issues;
  • 16 different exterior sidings and stucco finishes;
  • 31 different roofing systems;
  • cutaway drywall to expose framing members;
  • environmental hazards;
  • various types of insulation systems;
  • improper gutter and downspout systems;
  • heating systems with defects;
  • three different water heating systems;
  • green building features;
  • almost 200 different safety concerns;
  • an infrared camera training wall and roofing system with manipulated water leaks and electrical issues;
  • a sprinkler that simulates rain on the roof;
  • safety glass;
  • drainage issues;
  • roof penetrations;
  • notches and holes in joists;
  • a full masonry chimney;
  • damaged and clogged sewer lines for sewer scope training;
  • common code violations;
  • a full-size septic system with tanks;
  • vents;
  • crawlspaces that students can actually enter;
  • egress violations;
  • clothes dryer problems;
  • TPR discharge valves;
  • energy loss issues;
  • an exterior “deck of horrors” with dozens of issues;
  • a set of stairs to access the roof and chimney;
  • firewall issues;
  • appliances;
  • elderly, child, and pet safety issues;
  • an improperly installed radon mitigation system;
  • a full kitchen with defects;
  • a full bathroom with defects; and
  • a glass floor that allows students to see the structure from above and below.

The Ultimate Ride-Along

The Ultimate Ride-Along

If you’re interested in a formal training class or a hands-on training session with a Certified Master Inspector®, we have that available for you. We call it a Home Inspection Training Day or Ultimate Ride-Along. During a typical ride-along:

  • you might inspect a home that has very few defects.
  • you only get to try out the equipment and tools the inspector owns.
  • you might be with an inspector who isn’t a good instructor and can’t explain everything.
  • neither of you might find any defects.
  • the inspector might have from a conflict of interest in that he/she likely doesn’t want to train a future competitor.
  • the inspector likely won’t permit you to take all the time you need.
  • the inspector likely won’t permit you to generate your own inspection report.
  • the inspector may not take the time to review your inspection report.
  • you’ll likely have to pay the inspector.

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Self-Guided Tours Through the House of Horrors®

Descriptions of all of the defects are being developed on our iPads and master defect guide book. Check out the Colorado House of Horrors Inspection guide for a preview!

Experience the House of Horrors in 360˚ Virtual Reality!

For Schools & Instructors

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