Free, Online Florida-Approved Radon Certification Webinar

InterNACHI® is pleased to announce that the Florida Department of Health has approved and listed InterNACHI® as a Florida-approved Radon Training Provider of a free, online webinar to attain radon certification. 

To become a Florida Certified Radon Measurement Specialist and Technician, individuals must attend a FL-approved radon certification course and pass the Florida Department examination.

Florida Statutes require the certification of businesses and individuals providing radon services or any other radon related activity. There are currently six certificates issued by the Florida Health Department: measurement technician, measurement specialist, measurement business, mitigation technician, mitigation specialist, and mitigation business. Each certificate carries different duties, responsibilities and requirements. Visit the Florida Health Department website for details on becoming a state-certified radon tester. Call the Florida Department of Health to register for their state-required radon certification exam. 

Email InterNACHI® at, if you are interested in registering for an upcoming "InterNACHI® Free, Online Florida Radon Certification Webinar."