More Than 60 Inspector Certifications & Credentials Provided by InterNACHI®

Diversifying your inspection services is the key to success. InterNACHI® provides more than 60 different types of inspector certifications to its members for free.
InterNACHI® Certified Blue & Gold Logo
InterNACHI® Certification
InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)® Logo
Certified Professional Inspector
Residential Property Inspector Logo
Certified Residential Property Inspector
Buy-Back Guarantee Logo
Buy-Back Guarantee
Honor Guarantee Logo
Honor Guarantee
Chimney Inspector Logo
Certified Chimney Inspector
Safe Workplace Inspector Logo
Certified Safe Workplace Inspector
Four-Point Inspector Logo
Certified Four Point Inspector
Drone Pilot Logo
Certified Drone Pilot
Garage Inspector Logo
Certified Garage Inspector
Green Building Inspector Logo
Certified Green Building Inspector
Healthy Homes Inspector Logo
Certified Healthy Homes Inspector
Vendor Seal
InterNACHI Vendor
Indoor Air Quality Inspector Logo
Certified Indoor Air Quality Inspector
Fire Extinguisher Inspector Logo
Certified Residential Fire Extinguisher Inspector
Meth House Hazards Logo
Certified Meth House Hazards Inspector
Moisture Intrusion Inspector Logo
Certified Moisture Intrusion Inspector
Mold Inspector Logo
Certified Mold Inspector
Plumbing Inspector Logo
Certified Plumbing Inspector
Septic Inspector logo
Certified Septic System Inspector
InterNACHI® Partner Proctor Logo
InterNACHI Certified Proctor
Structure & Foundation Inspector Logo
Certified Structure & Foundation Inspector
Tree Inspector Logo
Certified Tree Inspector
Log Home Inspector Logo
Certified Log Home Inspector
Well Inspector Logo
Certified Well Inspector
Certified Advanced Well Inspector Logo
Certified Advanced Well Inspector by Inspector Mentoring
WDO Inspector Logo
Certified Wood-Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspector
Electrical Inspector Logo
Certified Electrical Inspector
Crawlspace Inspector Logo
Certified Crawlspace Inspector
Exterior Inspector Logo
Certified Exterior Inspector
Home Energy Auditor Logo
Certified Home Energy Auditor
Roof Inspector Logo
Certified Roof Inspector
Stucco Inspector Logo
Certified Stucco EIFS Inspector
Wind Mitigation Inspector Logo
Certified Wind Mitigation Inspector
11th Month Warranty Inspections Logo
Certified 11th Month Warranty Inspector
New Construction Inspector Logo
Certified New Construction Inspector
Annual Home Maintenance Inspections Logo
Certified Annual Home Maintenance Inspector
Commercial Inspector Logo
Certified Commercial Property Inspector
Rental Ready Logo
Rental Ready
Deck Inspector Logo
Certified Deck Inspector
HVAC Inspector Logo
Certified HVAC Inspector
Pool & Spa Inspector Logo
Certified Pool and Spa Inspector
Radon Tester Logo
Certified Radon Tester
Lawn Irrigation System Inspector Logo
Certified Lawn Irrigation System Inspector
Kitchen Inspector Logo
Certified Kitchen Inspector
Mobile Home Inspector
Certified Mobile and Manufactured Home Inspector
Water Quality Tester Logo
Certified Water Quality Tester
Property Maintenance & Housing Code Inspector Logo
Certified Property Maintenance & Housing Code Inspector
Attic, Insulation, Ventilation & Interior Logo
Certified Attic, Insulation, Ventilation & Interior Inspector
Infrared Certified® Logo
Infrared Certified®
Home Energy Inspector Logo
Certified Home Energy Inspector
InterNACHI® COVID-19 Safety Guidelines Logo
COVID-19 Safety Guidelines
Five Year InterNACHI® Member Logo
Five Year InterNACHI® Member
Ten Year InterNACHI® Member Logo
Ten Year InterNACHI® Member
Fifteen Year InterNACHI® Member Logo
Fifteen Year InterNACHI® Member
Twenty Year InterNACHI® Member Logo
Twenty Year InterNACHI® Member
InterNACHI® Certified Mentor Logo
InterNACHI® Certified Mentor
Sewer Scope Certified Inspector Logo
Certified Sewer Scope Inspector
International Association of Professional Contractors Logo
International Association of Professional Contractors
Move-In Certified® Logo
Move-In Certified®
First-Time Home Buyer Friendly Logo
First-Time Home Buyer-Friendly
FetchReport Logo
Multi-Unit Housing Inspector Logo
Multi-Unit Housing Inspector
Condo Inspector Logo
Certified Condo Inspector
Expert Witness Services Logo
Expert Witness Services
Contractor Experience Logo
Contractor Experience
Veteran-Owned Logo
U.S. Veteran-Owned Business
Veteran-Owned Logo
Canadian Veteran-Owned Business
InterNACHI® Partner School Logo
InterNACHI® Partner School
Firefighter Owned logo
Firefighter-Owned Business
Law Enforcement Officer-Owned Logo
Law Enforcement Officer-Owned Business
Woman-Owned Business Logo
Woman-Owned Business
Paramedic-Owned Logo
Paramedic-Owned Business
Habla Espanol Logo
Habla Español
Bilingual Logo
Pet Friendly Logo
InterNACHI® Partner Instructor Logo
InterNACHI® Partner Instructor
Aging-In-Place Logo
Aging In Place
Pre-Drywall Inspector Logo
Pre-Drywall Inspector
Carpenter-Owned Logo
Carpenter Owned
A credential is issued by a third party, such as InterNACHI®, with authoritative power, and is proof of an individual’s qualification or competence in a given subject. Possessing a home inspector credential helps a person to prove competency and capability and also demonstrates that the individual is competent, properly trained and certified, and possesses the knowledge, skills, and abilities to carry out his or her job. Credentials serve as verification that a professional has achieved a baseline level of competency in his or her subject matter. Learn how to become an InterNACHI® Certified Home Inspector and attain the Certified Professional Inspector CPI® credential.