Roof Data Technician Program with InterNACHI and Owens Corning Roofing

This program is for U.S. members only.
The Roof Data Technician Program, developed by InterNACHI and Owens Corning, provides an additional revenue stream for InterNACHI members who are hired by Owens Corning as part of a roof warranty claim resolution process.
  • A roof job should take 30 to 45 minutes to complete.
  • Payments range from $100 to $180 per job.
  • There are no costs for InterNACHI members to participate in this program. 


  1. Join InterNACHI (You don't have to be a certified inspector, just an InterNACHI member).
  2. Sign into the program, complete the training, and upload your signed agreement.
  3. After you receive a job, follow the 5-Step Instructions.


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Participating members may use the Roof Data Technician Logo.



Need help? Have questions? Jazmin Swenson (720) 593-2872 or


This is a coverage map of the InterNACHI members who are currently participating in the Owens Corning Program.


You must be a member of InterNACHI to participate in the program. You don't have to be a certified home inspector -- just a member. Not a member? Become a member now for $49/month. There is no additional cost for members to participate in this program. You may contact Jazmin for assistance at