Policies and Procedures

For Staff and Admin Only
Updated Sep 2018

InterNACHI maintains adequate written policies and procedures specifically designed to address the effective delivery of the InterNACHI School's online, e-learning courses and programs along with all other policies and procedures in accordance with ACCET Accreditation Standards.

I-A Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives

Policy on establishing, reviewing and revising the institutional vision, mission, goals, and objectives.

I-C Planning

Policy for establishing, implementing, reviewing, and regularly updating the institution’s one-year and longer range plans.


II-A Governance

Policy to ensure the effective delivery of e-learning learning and guide the establishment, organization, funding, and management

II-B Institutional Management

Guide for the day-to-day operation of the institution.


II-C Human Resource Management

Policies for recruitment, selection, hiring, and orientation of all new personnel.

Policies for supervision, evaluation, retention, training and professional development of all staff.

Employee Handbook


II-D Records

Policy relative to the institution’s record-keeping system to ensure that all records are maintained in an accurate, orderly, and up-to-date manner.

Policy to ensure the confidentiality of student records.

Policy on the retention of student records

Policy to ensure the rights of students, faculty, and staff to access and review their records.

Policy of a teach-out commitment


III-B Financial Procedures

Policies to ensure proper financial control and supervision of financial management staff.

Policy related to the budgeting process.

Cancellation and refund policy consistent with any state/federal requirements and ACCET Doc 31. Policy for processing refunds consistent with any state/federal requirements and ACCET Doc 31.

Policy on the documentation of student financial records.

Policy relating to student conduct and terminations.

Policy relating to LDA, Participation, Drop Outs and Refunds


III-C Financial Assistance/Scholarships

Drug and alcohol prevention/awareness policy


IV-A Educational Goals & Objectives

Policy which defines a credit and the conversion of clock hours to credit hours for academic purposes, consistent with federal requirements and Document 15 – Credit Hour and Clock Hour Policy.

Program Chart

IV-B Program/Instructional Materials

Policy to ensure that instructional materials are up to date and readily available.

Policy on teacher-made instructional materials is handled by our curriculum development manual.

Policy on copyright and software licensure infringement as well as the liabilities students may face for unauthorized use/distribution of materials.


IV-C Curriculum Review/Revision

Policy for curriculum review and revision, including the solicitation of feedback from relevant constituencies (e.g. faculty, students, graduates, employers, and any advisory/certification boards).


V-A Instructional Methods

Policy to ensure that curricula are followed and consistently applied by all instructional staff is within our Curriculum Development Manual.


VI-A Qualifications of Instructional Personnel

Policy defining the minimum levels of education, training, and experience required of our faculty resources.

VI-B Supervision of Instruction
Policy related to instructors. 


VII-A Recruitment

Advertising and recruitment policy to ensure that informational and promotional materials make only justifiable and probable claims consistent with Document 30 – Policies for Recruitment, Advertising, and Promotional Practices.

A catalog consistent with Document 29 – Catalog Guidelines and Checklist (Vocational institutions)


VII-B Admissions/Enrollment

An enrollment agreement consistent with Document 29.1 – Enrollment Agreement Checklist (Vocational institutions).


VIII-A Performance Measurements

Policy on performance assessment system and grading.

Policy on reviewing student writing essays.

Policy to assure the identity of students enrolled in interactive distance learning and the integrity of the students’ work.


VIII-B Attendance

If applicable, a leave of absence policy consistent with Document 36 – Leave of Absence Policy.

Policy on student conduct and termination

Policy for monitoring and documenting attendance consistent with Document 35 – Policy on Attendance Requirements.


VIII-C Student Progress

Policy for monitoring, assessing, and recording student progress consistent with the institution’s assessment system.

IX-A Student Satisfaction

Policy for regularly assessing, documenting, and validating student satisfaction relative to the quality of education/training and services provided.

Policy for resolving student/participant complaints


IX-C Certification and Licensing

If applicable, policy and procedures for collecting and recording data on program graduates who sit for licensure/certification examinations, including test dates and proof of test results.


IX-D Completion and Job Placement

Policy for tracking, documenting, and validating course completion rates