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Advanced Well Inspection Training

$499 USD for InterNACHI® members
$599 USD for non-members

After registration, you will be emailed information with access to the online training. This process can take 1-2 days because access has to be given manually via email by the instructor. Do not try to use your eventbrite email to sign in. This training can be taken at anytime and is self-paced.

The advanced well inspection course covers best practices and procedures regarding well inspections and well pump flow testing; the proper steps to performing a 2-hour pump flow test and/or a 4-hour pump flow test (including measuring the well head static water level and the restrictions regarding the removal of a well head cap / well head seal). The course also covers calculating well pump flow when the cistern cannot be isolated from the system. This course also includes hands on training in the testing of well pump flow, well pump current testing / measurement, and measuring the well pressure tank air pre-charge.

Advanced Well Inspection

This training program is also available to be taken online, providing learners with the flexibility to access the course materials remotely.

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