InterNACHI House of Horrors®
Out of an abundance of caution, for the health and safety of our students and staff, InterNACHI has temporarily suspended training experiences and visitations at the House of Horrors® located in Boulder, Colorado, and Weston, Florida.

About InterNACHI®

Experience hands-on inspection training and InterNACHI® member events at our House of Horrors® locations in Boulder, Colorado, and Weston, Florida. The InterNACHI® House of Horrors® is an entire house with 1,000 defects.

Everyone is welcome to visit, attend a chapter meeting or training provided by inspectors or experts in the industry that InterNACHI® may help facilitate, take a tour of the PRO-LAB® laboratories, and experience inspecting the House of Horrors®.

As an e-learning institution, InterNACHI® does not require students to attend any live training or enroll in any in-residence program, and InterNACHI® does not require onsite attendance. Training or educational experiences provided at either Houses of Horrors® in Colorado or Florida at is designed for fun and may help an individual develop their professionalism and skill set as a home inspector while enjoying the camaraderie of others. Students seeking to gain and enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform a home inspection and to attain a Certificate of Completion must enroll in InterNACHI's online Home Inspector Certificate Program here.

Advance Your Skills


Gain hands-on experience performing home inspections on the House of Horrors and its 1,000+ defects, with a Certified inspector at your side.


Test-drive over $20,000 worth of inspection tools, including infrared cameras and moisture meters at InterNACHI's in-house retail partner, Inspector Outlet.


Practice identifying defects under the guidance of a Certified Master Inspector in one of the House of Horrors, which holds over 1,000 defects under one roof.


Work with InterNACHI's marketing team to create your own unique branding, and learn how to use this to build a client base.


Learn exclusively from the most experienced and proven home inspectors, Certified Master Inspectors.


Train in the House of Horrors®, a structure like no other with over 1,000 defects to challenge your inspection skills.


Grow as an inspector, expand your network and connections, and learn how to elevate your brand.

Hear What Our Recent Attendees Say!

View their testimonials and learn why attending a training session will put you ahead of the curve.

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