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Note: Some offers listed in the Inspector Mall do not come directly from InterNACHI and are not officially endorsed or officially recommended by InterNACHI but are listed here as a service to our members. Any vendor may enjoy free advertising here and on our message board. Instructions: http://www.nachi.org/vendorinstructions.htm There is no charge to advertise. To avoid any impropriety, InterNACHI does not accept paidhttp://www.nachi.org/educationseal.htm advertisements. Education providers and schools are approved and you should look for the InterNACHI seal
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The InterNACHI Mall gets roughly 25,000 hits/month. It is by far the largest traffic generator for inspection industry vendors of products and services. To have your wares featured in the mall costs nothing. All you have to do is agree to offer InterNACHI members a special deal/discount that can't be acquired elsewhere. Offering the same or better deal/discount outside of InterNACHI will result in your listing being deleted from the mall. The InterNACHI Mall is promoted aggressively under the domain www.InspectorMall.com. The Mall does not charge vendors rent. Live link listings are free. To offer your products or services in the mall or for more information write [email protected].
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Do you offer a service to the inspection industry and seek permission to use InterNACHI's Superior Product and/or Superior Service seals? Click
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