About InterNACHI®

InterNACHI® – the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors – is the world’s largest inspection trade association. Based in the United States, InterNACHI® is both non-profit and federally tax-exempt, and operates in 65 different countries and nine languages. InterNACHI® is the inspection industry’s largest provider of education and training. The InterNACHI® School is the only home inspector training organization accredited by the U.S. Dept. of Education, and its courses have earned more than 1,400 other governmental approvals and accreditations.  
InterNACHI's online exams and quizzes have been taken more than 3 million times.  InterNACHI® also offers required and accredited Continuing Education courses for licensed real estate professionals.
InterNACHI® hosts more than 300 inspection-related events a year, including live classroom courses on thermal imaging and commercial building inspections. InterNACHI® provides students who successfully complete its online, video and live classroom courses with Certificates of Completion and state Continuing Education approval for licensing purposes.  
InterNACHI® has also created the House of Horrors®, a full-size house with a thousand defects purposely built in. This unique training facility is located at InterNACHI® Headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, with a second HOH located in Westin, Florida.
InterNACHI® operates the inspection industry’s most comprehensive website at NACHI.org. NACHI.org is a monster:  a 285,000-page site dedicated to inspection-related issues, and also host to a 1.7 million-post message board that receives more than 1,000 new posts a day. NACHI.org gets over 260 million hits a year.  Those hits have generated nearly 16 million inspection leads for InterNACHI® members.
InterNACHI® operates nearly all of the Internet’s inspection search engines, which include:  the mammoth 430-million page North American Inspector Directory; OverSeeIt.com, a site that promotes independent oversight of residential remodeling and repair projects, including new construction; InspectorNow.com, a site that tracks down and calls the inspector when a consumer needs an inspection; InspectorSEEK.com; CorrectInspect.com; FindanInspector.us; and InspectorLocator.com, a site that allows consumers to search for an inspector based on their services, such as chimney inspections, commercial inspections, energy assessments, green certifications, IAC2-Certified inspectors, and those certified for testing for lead, meth, asbestos, mold, and radon, and log home inspections, new construction inspections, pool and spa inspections, pre-listing inspections, septic system inspections, stucco/EIFS inspections, thermal imaging, water quality testing, and WDO/insect inspections. InterNACHI® controls more than 4,500 inspection-related websites.
InterNACHI's membership benefits are the most valuable and substantial in the industry.