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3D Inspection Systems introduces 3D Focus Edition
A Giant Leap in Simplifying Report Writing for Inspectors

Product Offers “Right for My Business” Solutions for Inspectors

Fort Myers, FL – November 1, 2005
3D Inspection Systems, Inc. announced today that it has released a new software package titled: 3D Focus Edition. This all-in-one solution combines a friendly user interface with a powerful, yet easy-to-use program for creating reports.

The goal of the 3D Focus Edition is to provide a means for inspectors to create reports specifically based on the industry they specialize in. 3D has organized a team of the best form developers to each design a version of the program that not only contains industry-specific forms, but also gives inspectors exactly the software tools they need to create professional, accurate reports.  With the experts at the helm, inspectors can expect a unique program that is designed with their requirements in mind.

“We’ve provided industry veterans with the development tools they need to build their own content-specific program for inspectors. Using the already-proven 3D system as their foundation, the majority of inspectors will gain something previously hard to attain:
A program that’s right for their business and designed with their specialty and geographic area in mind.” says Carl Fowler, president of 3D Inspection Systems.  “What this does is open the door to industries that may have never had a solution to automated reporting.” An example of this is a version of 3D Focus Edition designed specifically for use by mold inspectors, thus meeting a rising need in our industry.

“Inspectors have different needs based on their reporting styles and required forms,” says Mr. Fowler. 3D Focus Edition focuses on those specific needs.  “We spent over 15 years observing and working with inspectors so that we understand what they really want.”

Darryl Watters, a forms developer and 3D customer since 1998, adds, “I have found your latest version to be more intuitive than ever, and it blends very well with the look and feel of Microsoft products.” 
Focus is designed for industry-specific report writing.

From home and commercial to water vessels and the safety industry, there is finally a solution for the single-purpose inspector. With the powerful 3D software engine at its core, Focus takes 3D’s versatile and intuitive functionality and combines it with a friendly interface and professionally designed forms.

The new Focus Edition comes complete with a full arsenal of inspection office documents and computerized inspection report forms that have already been fully customized and time-tested by experienced, computer-savvy inspectors. This will save users the time and task of performing major customizations to their inspection reporting software.

3D Focus Edition, the Software

3D Focus Edition enables inspectors to more effectively and efficiently produce top-quality, professional, narrative inspection reports without having to customize software or create documents.  Standard features include complete form customization, painless inclusion of summary documents, hundreds of selectable boilerplate comments, the ability to include up to four digital photos per line and an option to e-mail reports to clients. 

3D Inspection Systems has added several new, exclusive features to 3D Focus as well, but what is most impressive is how everything that is required to complete an inspection report can be handled with one program and without much training. 3D Focus includes a sleek, new updated interface to provide a comfortable and efficient environment for the inspector to complete the report. It also introduces more single-window elements so there’s no need to jump in and out of different windows to accomplish a task. Enhancements such as these provide the tools needed to competently create a quality inspection report.  In addition, Focus now includes Pocket 3D, not as an add-on but as a standard feature, thus giving the inspector the ability to quickly gather information in the field using a Pocket PC. Of course, desktops, laptops, and tablet PC’s have always been supported and can be used as well.

Pricing and Availability

Custom packages are now available exclusively through our affiliate distributors and may be purchased directly from them on our website. Information on products, pricing, ordering and our affiliates is available here: http://www.3dinspection.com/focus/

InterNACHI members get  25% off subscription plan when ordering by phone 1 (800) 745 6126.

3D Inspection Systems is a Florida-based corporation that has been setting the industry standard for inspection software for over 17 years. 3D has provided software to approximately 8,500+ users in the United States, Australia, and Canada.

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