Free 4 gigabyte email address for all InterNACHI members in the world.

Home Inspector Pro Inspection Software is opening up their email system to any InterNACHI home inspector interested in an account.  If you'd like a FREE 4 gigabyte email address let them know.  4 gigs is enough for THOUSANDS of emails. They have a partnership with Google where the system is exactly like GMail (and runs on their servers) but with a better name.

The account includes:
  • 4 Gigabyte email account
  • Docs where you can work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Opens almost all formats! Allows collaboration on docs with others.
  • Calendar where you can create multiple calendars you can publish on your website or keep personal.
  • Personalized Start Page (if you want to use it).
Lots of inspectors like to use the system to keep their business and personal email separate, plus the name is more home inspection related than a hotmail, yahoo or GMail account.

If you're interested please send the email account you would like (i.e. ) , your full name, and InterNACHI ID to and a temporary password and instructions to access the account will be sent to you. You can the access the account via web mail or for the techies out their via IMAP or POP.  Also accessible via mobile phone!!

Have questions about this free InterNACHI benefit?  Contact:
Dominic Maricic
Home Inspector Pro
Toll Free: 1-888-750-4777 or 909-434-5031