InterNACHI message board hits 75,000 posts!

UPDATE:  InterNACHI's message board passes the 150,000 topic mark!
UPDATE:  InterNACHI's message board passes the 100,000 topic mark!
October 18th, 2004:
InterNACHI's photo-based, open-to-all message board reached an all time high of 75,000 posts today.  This new milestone was reached only 4 months after hitting our 50,000th post: in June.  That's right!  One third of all posts ever made were made in the last 4 months!  This parabolic increase in activity has now made InterNACHI's message board many times more popular than all other inspection-related message boards combined.
Also, over the past 4 months, the average number of posts made per day has increased to a whopping 201/day!  If you don't visit InterNACHI's message board for 5'll miss over 1,000 posts.
Also, over 91,000 unique visitors check out every month and this number continues to climb.