1-877-INSPECT vanity number discount for InterNACHI members.

Attention Home Inspectors:
Does your phone number make your phone ring?  Consider the power of a toll-free vanity number. 
If you are looking for an effective way to market your business then a toll free number can help!  Statistics say vanity numbers drive 14 times more calls to your business than a regular toll free or local number.
The Power of Vanity numbers:
Vanity numbers answer the three most important questions in advertising:
  1. What product or service are you providing?
  2. Who are you?
  3. How can you be reached?
Because of this, vanity numbers have a track record of increasing advertising response by 30-40% more.  One recent study of toll free numbers in radio advertising showed that an advertisment using a toll free vanity number yielded 14 times more phone calls than an advertisement using a toll free or local numeric number.
The number 1-877-INSPECT may be available in your market and can become yours!  Call 1-877-INSPECT to see if it is available in your market.  Several markets have already been reserved by home inspectors nationwide.
Reserve 1-877-INSPECT in your market for as little as $99 a month. 
Ask for the InterNACHI member discount.
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