InterNACHI building the 8th Wonder of the World

InterNACHI is pleased to announce that it has begun building its new, international website, which will be fully functional by 2009.  The site will boast hundreds of "under-the-hood" changes such as more robust database and memory-based caching for faster page loads, a more advanced content management back-end for wider granular control over content, modified character encoding to support non ISO-8859-1 characters, and load-balanced servers to handle the expected growth over the next two years.

These back-end changes are being set in place to not only handle large expected growth, but also pave the way for the advanced multimedia features of NACHI.TV and similar outside initiatives such as live voice-over-IP/screencasted education, FetchReport (already in use at, and video-based online courses in multiple languages.

Along with the major technical changes and upgrades will come a major information architecture overhaul and usability analysis.  With such a giant site, it can often become difficult to find everything on (currently 215,000 pages).  As the old data from is ported to the new system (which began July, '07) it will be evaluated, sorted and tagged for easier access.   Although the site will be much larger in size, it will navigate like a much smaller site due to advanced taxonomy and layout techniques.
Existing products slated for the new site, such as free report uploading and free electronic agreements have already been released as they were developed.  New products, such as customized video commercials to promote member's own inspection businesses will also be launched separately and immediately so that members need not wait.  Shortly after the launch of the new site, we will be releasing our remote mentoring and instruction service with live, web-based video using a helmet cam and wireless transmitter. 
A new tagline has been chosen as well, "Inspecting the world," and has been adopted at has also changed its inspector search engine (located above the logo on to which is Canadian friendly (postal codes, provinces, kilometers) and has automated phone notification which already works in over 70 foreign countries.
The new site will use the tradename InterNACHI to more closely reflect InterNACHI's current dominance of the North American continent and growing presence internationally. has already changed its logo and tagline to reflect this evolution toward international status.  We have also obtained tradename protection for the term "InterNACHI."  The new site's domain name will be Although individual InterNACHI members, chapters, volunteers and vendors are not required to do anything or change anything ever, we nevertheless wanted to reveal our plans to go fully international and offer our new logo and tagline (below) which is available now to anyone who wants to use it.   We do encourage everyone to switch to our new logo at their convenience.
Inspectors everywhere can expect that the new will be nothing short of the 8th Wonder of the World.
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