3-Day Advanced CMI Workshop

How to: Do More, Make More, Keep More

 This 3 day workshop will be the real deal .. 24 hours of the hard core stuff from one "expert" and not a parade of 15 people over 3 days who will only be able to talk about "their" subject for 90 minutes or so . 

About the Workshop 

About the Instructor, Steve Jawitz 

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About the Workshop

  • Day 1 – What you will find that could end your home inspection career, both Physically as well as Financially  
    • What NOT to inspect and WHY not to....and then HOW to report on this stuff….this will be in detail, system by system...  
      Inspecting problems and then reporting on them using state of the art report writing software .. what to say and how to say it, and then what not to say
    • Charging for your services … all the common methods and some not so common methods …. pros and cons


  • Day – 2 Commercial Inspections – what they are, where to find them, how to do them, what to charge for them.        
    • Commercial inspections … Starting small and deciding if you want to stay that way 
    • Commercial inspections … What to inspect, how to inspect it and what and how to report on it ….
      • Commercial Inspections are whre the real money is in this business .. are you getting your share ??
      • Look .. I know that this subject is offered as a FULL 3 day seminar by others .. at 2 or 3 times this workshop cost, however I know that in 8 hours, I can get the major points across and get you well on your way to starting a commercial inspection division for your own inspection company


  • Day – 3 Advanced Home Inspection Business …
    • Basic Business .. Web Sites .. yeah, everybody has one. As for you, your kid did yours .. now how can you use it to generate more business for you
    • Phone services …. PUT your cell phone down and why
    • Expert witnessing another income source
    • Liability .. 
      • OK, so you have insurance now what?
      • How to make you and your business as asset protected as you can be .. this is as mind blowing as it is real ... from my own prsonal experiences ... after 3 divorces and starting over 3 times I NOW know how to protect your assests from whatever: lawsuits, creditors, judgements .. etc. Lets discuss this in detail and we go about an exercise in "protecting" a typical inspector.
    • Mock trials
      • Here I will use my 20 plus years of expert witnessing experience …. the class and I will conduct mock trials using volunteers from the attendees as defendants, judge and juries with 2 - 3 different litigation scenarios
      • We will have 2 - 3 mock trials. I know many of you have never even had a deposition taken, much less been a defendant in a trial. My martial art career has taught me to "train hard and fight easy".
      • Get the real "feel" for this intimidating event here in training workshop, and hopefully NOT during your own



About The Instructor
Steve Jawitz


        Steve Jawitz is the Founder, Owner and Operator of All Building Inspection Corporation in Miami, Florida. He is a graduate of the University of Central Florida in Civil Engineering (1972). He has also obtained the title of Professional Engineer and former general contractor with 35 years of real world experience designing, inspecting and building a variety of buidings (residential, commercial and industrial) for private and governmental organizations all over the world.
    He has 10 years building all over Florida for the Federal, State, and Municipal Governments, various corporations and private owners.  He has 20 concurrent years working in South Florida as a Private Building Inspector in South Florida. He also has 20 years of Expert Witnessing in actual real world building construction and building related court cases.  From 2002-2004 Steve was retained as a professional instructor to a nationwide building inspection training facility for their 6 to 11 day building inspector classes (taught monthly).  Miami-Dade Community College also brought him on as an instructor.  He has fulfilled in excess of 900 hours of continuing education in inspection-related areas.
Steve also had time to host a radio inspection/construction talk show for 4 hours on Saturday mornings with WINZ (940 AM – CBS Affiliate).
    He has worked all over, including building and inspecting in Saudi Arabia for 2 years and numerous projects throughout the Caribbean and 14 trips to Southeast Asia.

Steve also adds to his credentials:

        South Florida premier pool and spa inspector, premier sea wall inspector, Certified General Contractor.

        Member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

        Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors.

        Member of the Florida Association of Building Inspectors.

        Nationally Board Certified Forensic Examiner, American College of Forensic Examiners.

        Professional Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

        Building Inspector, Southern Building Code Congress International, Inc.

        InterNACHI Trainer and Educator.

        Board Certified Master Inspector, Master Inspector Certification Board.


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Who needs door prizes when we have great workshop extras for everyone!  We have teamed up with the best in the business to bring each and everyone of you the following deals when you sign up for this 3 Day Advanced Workshop.  Please note that some of these extras may require further involvement or an on-going financial relationship for the Extras to apply.  Please contact us for more information.

                                                                    Free Wireless Credit Card Processing Terminal. 
HEY LOOK AT THIS !!! Take credit cards in the field!! Yes, NOW you CAN. Become more professional and be more prepared than your competitors with this free money making tool. It has a real commerial value of $ 1,000 but the value of this is not wht it costs, but what it is WORTH. Dont believe it ... I dont blame you !! Check out other credit card processers and find out for yourself. This one item is worth TWICE the cost of the workshop !! AND It is being offered to workshop attendees FREE!! Yes, there are monthly nominal fees but just think about it. No More Lost or Missing Client checks. No More "I Left My Checkbook at Home". Have your inspection fees, yes ALL of your fees handled for you. This is GREAT.   Just one more reason why by attending this workshop you are ahead of the game.   
 $1,000 Value


    The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors is a non-profit organization helping home inspectors achieve financial success and maintain inspection excellence.  InterNACHI is offering our inspectors their first year or next year for only $50! 
                        And you will receive 48 credits when taking this course which adds up to 2 years of requirements.
$239+ Value

PRO-LAB, The Professional’s Choice for Environmental Testing, is giving each participant that takes completes this workshop the oppertunity to purchase a mold business starter kit (worth $300). Included in the PRO-LAB "normal" stater kit are mold samples worth many times the cost of the kit. However as an added inducement for our workshop participants, ProLab is ADDING to this already Great Deal 4 ADDITIONAL mold sampling devices (worth $125 each or $ 500 which alone is the cost of the workshop) free of charge.  Also ProLab will allow you to attend one of their 1 day Mold Classes (currently held around the country dates, times and locations strictly up to ProLab...a $ 99 value) for only the cost of the included meals (meal costs vary from location to location, but are approximately $ 20). Also included is a free one-hour consultation, either in person at their South Florida Labatory or via telephone with one of their Mold Technicians, to personally help you set you your new mold sampling equipment and get started "the right way" with their required PRO-LAB mold sample forms and paperwork. This is BIG DEAL.

 $500 Value

    As we all know (or at least all SHOULD know), Brinks Home Security has made two valuable added programs available to professional building inspectors. These are programs to offer to our clients, to give them added value for using your inspection company. Each program has its benefits ... and like all things ... its drawbacks. It is possible that one of these programs would be a benefit you may be interested in implementing for your inspection company. Toward that end, Brinks and the Inspection Network (that's our company) have entered into an agreement to benefit our Workshop attendees.
    Basically we will briefly outline their inspector programs and Brinks will have a qualified representative on-site to discuss "in detail how their programs might benefit you and your company. No, this is not a mandatory consultation and it will occur on a one on one basis, out the Workshop. Only those interested need talk with Brinks. And if you are already a member of the Brinks program, they will be more than glad to discuss their latest offerings, bring you up to speed and see what they have that might improve your respective business relationship.


Inspection Network
Our own company, the Inspection Network, is offering to our Workshop attendees 2 weeks of telephone answering and on-line scheduling at no cost.  That’s right its 2 weeks for FREE.  This is a value, depending on which of the 3 available office management programs that is right for you.  This Free Gift, at the value of our Professional Program, is worth $380. No, we have not lost our minds, well maybe, but the catch here is that the 2 Free weeks are for the 3rd and 4th week that you agree to work with us.  So, here it is is … simply pay for 2 weeks of ANY of our 3 programs and then you get 2 weeks of that same program for free. 
Ask anybody … this is a great deal!
$380 Value     


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Workshop Schedule

Please note that there are only 30 seats available per class so sign-up today!
Early Registration      $475
Registration              $500
Late Registration      $565
September 28, 29, 30:  
   Sign-Up Now  
                                    Radisson Hotel - Columbus, Worthington

October 26, 27, 28:

                                    The Holiday Inn - International Drive in ORLANDO, FLORIDA


                                    Pennsylvania . . . To Be Announced

If you'd like to attend an event, but there is not one in your area, please Contact Me and we will look into bringing one to you.

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Please keep in mind that this is a 3 Day Workshop where I will share my 29 years of personal first hand experience of Professional Building Inspections with those who are interested and it is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only.
All attendees will agree to these terms before they even sign on to attend. 

Thank you for your interest in this course. We hope to see you there.