Altaspec Offers a InterNACHI Member Discount

May 16, 2004

Home Inspection software like you have never seen before developed by new InterNACHI member as a token of good will for all InterNACHI’s members for half price.

After review of most or all of the present inspection software I could find, I was so disappointed that I decided to develop my own. I am so pleased with the out come that I wanted to share this with my fellow members as my appreciation as a new member, and give it to any InterNACHI member for half of what I am selling it for, and cheaper than any other inspection software out there.

To view the sample reports, go to If you decide you want to have this software for half price email and you will be sent your discount code to enter in our store when you purchase this software online. Each software package is customized with your logo address and with whatever you want in your reports.

William Harrison, President
AltaSpec Inspection Services Inc
For more software and reporting forms go to