AnytimeCE School and InterNACHI partner to provide affordable online continuing education.

October 26, 2006
Press  - E-Mail Release for InterNACHI
AnytimeCE School and InterNACHI partner up to provide on-line continuing training for InterNACHI members.
The on-line classes cover the Inspection, Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC trades.  Courses are profusely illustrated and many are interactive.  One very interactive course is the Electrical Review for Plumbers.  A student learns the fundamentals of electricity by starting with the basics, completing a series of steps and ending the course with actually trouble shooting electrical systems on-line with a VOM meter.  A student registers for a course on –line and then makes payment through a secure third party with his credit card. 
The student uses his InterNACHI membership number as his ID.  A password, of his choosing, is used to log –in and out of the courses.  The computer automatically books that page a student is on when they log out.  Upon logging back in, whether an hour, day, or week later, the student is returned to the last page that was viewed. 
The InterNACHI member does not have to take the entire course at once.  This allows a student to work his training into his own schedule. Upon completion, a certificate of completion is downloaded.  The InterNACHI office is also e-mailed his completion information at that time.
Courses are attractively priced at less than $60 for a four (4) hour credit approved class.
This on-line training for InterNACHI members is available at