Exclusive Offer for InterNACHI® Members from Ascent Odor Remediation

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Ascent Odor Remediation uses revolutionary technology to provide the most effective odor eliminator on the market. Chlorine dioxide (CIO2) works differently to remove tough odors at the source, rather than just masking them, like ozone does. ClO2 is a natural odor eliminator and is one of the safest methods around. Permanently remove persistent odors, such as those from pet urine, cigarette smoking, cooking, and more. 

Our products are easy to use and the only ones on the market that can provide permanent odor removal, backed by our 100% guarantee. 

Add our unique odor removal system to your home inspection services for home sellers, home buyers, and even real estate agents. We’ll provide you with instructions for using our products and processes. 

InterNACHI® members will receive 10% off our starter package. Visit  https://ascentodor.com/internachi-offer/ and enter the password “nachi” to get started.

Still have questions?  Email office@ascentodor.com.