What's Wrong Here?

InterNACHI is pleased to announce that it is manufacturing a variety of What's Wrong Here? displays.  Each comes built within its own shipping crate so that we can ship them to InterNACHI Chapters for training purposes.  Each also comes with its own secret Key describing what and where the defects are.  The display below was built by member Bruce King and contains 22 different defects and examples of unsafe wiring and substandard work.
InterNACHI members Joe Tedesco, George Wells and others are creating other unique What's Wrong Here? displays.  Chapter heads can request their own by emailing fast-reply@internachi.org    InterNACHI hopes to put hundreds of such displays into the field in 2006.
If you have an idea for a What's Wrong Here? display (it doesn't have to be electrical) email fast-reply@internachi.org and InterNACHI will hire you to build it for us.
For more education and training go to www.InspectorMall.com