Message Board Update

The InterNACHI message board was updated on 6/27/2003 to a new unified design.  This system allows easier access to the message board, and direct access from the message board to the other sections of

InterNACHI also added a new 'avatar' system to the message board, allowing any registered user to include a self photo with every post.  The message board already permits photo uploads.

The message board now has 6000 posts, with hundreds of registered users.  If you're not a registered user yet, click here to sign-up for FREE  The message board is open to all.


Click here to go to the message board now.


InterNACHI's message board has some advantages over other message boards:

  • Everyone is welcome to both view and offer posts on InterNACHI's message board, even non-members.

  • You can add photos to your posts on InterNACHI's message board.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

  • You do not risk getting kicked off of our message board even if you are there to InterNACHI bash.  Feel free to criticize InterNACHI if you like.  Freedom of speech.

  • InterNACHI's message board automatically corrects foul language.  It is Lady and Gentlemen friendly.

  • Unlike other message boards (Baghdad Brian's), our moderator does not have authority to edit or delete your posts even if you InterNACHI bash.  Feel free to say and ask what you want.  Freedom of speech.

  • InterNACHI's message board hires to correct your spelling errors. 

  • InterNACHI's message board is frequented by members of other associations and non-inspectors.  There are no restrictions.  Freedom of speech.

  • Promotion of your company, association, seminar, products, laboratory, etc. is encouraged on InterNACHI's message board.  We want to know even if it has little to do with inspections.  Let's keep the money in the family.

  • InterNACHI does not pollute its board by selling pop-ups or banners.  Also, you don't have to worry about offending our advertisers...we don't have any.  Freedom of speech.

  • InterNACHI's board is the inspection industry's most popular message board.

  • InterNACHI uses an avatar system to permit self-photos of registered users.

  • There is no charge for InterNACHI's message board.


Visit InterNACHI's message board  (open to all).