Free single-family electrical service calculator for InterNACHI members.


Free Single Family Electrical Service Calculator for InterNACHI members from BestInspectors.Net

Most home inspectors and many experienced electricians guess at the electrical service size requirements using rules of thumb (usually involving only square footage).  With the rapid growth in the number of electrical appliances and electronic equipment during the past few years, making a guess could be a costly mistake. 

The Single Family Electrical Service Size Calculator takes the guesswork completely out of determining the electrical service size requirement.  The Calculator requires no special knowledge of electrical systems or codes.  All you do is make basic observations about the house and fill in the blanks.  The Calculator lets you enter electrical loads in either Amps or Watts.  the required information can almost always be found on the nameplates of appliances and mechanical equipment.

The Calculator will tell the "Demand Load" (a trade term, different from "connected" load), the nearest standard size panel and main breaker, the conductor (wire) size and the conduit size.    

The Calculator's worksheet can be filled out in about three to four minutes and can be included with any inspection in PDF format.      

Features of the Calculator:
-Automatically calculates the total demand load for a residential single family dwelling
- provides the demand load in both volt-amperes and Amperes
- Automatically adds the minimum of small appliance and laundry branch circuits
- Automatically determines the heating and air conditioning demand load
- Determines the standard service panel size for the system
- Determines the service wire gauges in both aluminum and copper
- Calculations are based on the National Electrical Code (optional method)
- NEC section references under each heading

NOTE: This worksheet is intended to be used as a general guide.  It does not account for all possible factors involved in determining the size of an electrical service. Consult a qualified electrician or the NEC® for additional information.
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