New marketing article for inspectors: Can Your Home Inspection Brochure Pass the BMW Test?

How is your marketing working for you? If your marketing materials don’t reflect the top quality of your services, you might as well be the worst inspector in your service area.  Read why professional marketing is essential for the success of your home inspection business, and how InterNACHI’s Member Marketing Team can help you, in Can Your Home Inspection Brochure Pass the BMW Test?

New article for inspectors’ websites: Hire a Certified Healthy Homes Inspector

As part of InterNACHI’s launch of its new multi-course Certified Healthy Homes Inspector certification, here’s a new article for consumers: Hire a Certified Healthy Homes Inspector.  It’s packed with sobering statistics that make the case that if the home isn’t healthy, neither are its occupants. Post this article on your website – it can sell your service for you.

New article for inspectors: Wealth Storage for Home Inspectors

InterNACHI® Founder Nick Gromicko shares his tips and strategies for storing wealth, including the kinds to embrace and the others to avoid, in Wealth Storage for Home Inspectors.

For Home Inspectors: How to Find the Right Tax Accountant

Regardless of the size of your home inspection business, there are many moving parts on the business side that are important to get right.  One of them is a tax accountant.  Read about how to find the best one for your business in an article by InterNACHI® Tax Counsel Jeff Cohen: For Home Inspectors:  How to Find the Right Tax Accountant.

For Home Inspectors: Maximizing Your Perceived Value

What are you doing or providing that increases the perceived value of your inspection services more than it costs you to do or provide them? InterNACHI® Founder Nick Gromicko breaks it down for you in For Home Inspectors:  Maximizing Your Perceived Value.

Sample Templates: Operating Agreements for Home Inspection LLCs

Whether you’re a sole proprietor or are expanding into a multi-inspector firm, it’s vital that you spell out your home inspection company’s makeup and obligations in an operating agreement. InterNACHI® has provided sample templates for both types of LLCs here:  Sample Templates: Operating Agreements for Home Inspection LLCs

New article for inspectors: Mold Testing for Home Inspectors

Although testing for mold falls outside InterNACHI’s Residential Standards of Practice, it’s a service that’s in high demand, especially for homeowners who live in flood-prone areas, and those who live in older homes.  Unchecked mold indoors is a serious threat to a home’s structure.  And it also poses severe health risks to family members.  Inspectors who are considering offering mold testing should start by reading Mold Testing for Home Inspectors.

New inspection article: Water Quality Testing for Home Inspectors

Home inspectors can offer water quality testing with inexpensive testing kits and simple training. Alternatively, they can use private or state labs for both kits and analysis. Either method provides useful – and sometimes critical – information for their clients.  Read more in Water Quality Testing for Home Inspectors.

New article for consumers: Wireless vs. Connected Smart Home Tech for Homeowners

Smart home tech offers a dizzying array of options for consumers.  Add to that whether the device or system should be hard-wired into the home’s electrical system and internet, or whether wireless is the way to go, and the choices can be challenging.  Home inspectors can post this article for consumers on their website to help take some of the guesswork out of upgrading:  Wireless vs. Connected Smart Home Tech for Homeowners.