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New article on PVC health hazards

October 5th, 2010

PVC is used everywhere in and around buildings, from sewage pipes and siding to shower curtains and junction boxes. It’s had a long and complicated history, but in recent years there’s been growing suspicion that PVC can vent toxic chemicals into indoor air and water. To find out more about PVC uses and its potential dangers, check out our new article on PVC health hazards.

This blog entry was posted by Rob London.

New article on UFFI insulation inspection

October 1st, 2010

UFFI foam insulation was used extensively in North American homes during the 1970’s until it was banned due to fears over offgassing of formaldehyde. Those fears were largely unfounded and the ban was overturned in the U.S., although it still remains in effect in Canada. Learn the history of this insulation, why and where it was banned, and how to inspect for it in the home in our new article on UFFI insulation inspection.

This blog entry was posted by Rob London.

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