New inspection article: Structural Design of Foundations for the Home Inspector

The structural design of foundations for residential structures is a precise science that takes into account soil conditions, local climate, and building materials.  Home inspectors can benefit by understanding some of the factors involved in making these calculations, as well as the diverse selection of foundation types, by reading our new article:  Structural Design of Foundations for the Home Inspector.

New inspection article: Building Cavities Used as Supply or Return Ducts

Although it’s common practice to use various building cavities within a house as supply- and return-air ducts, this can actually cause an HVAC system to work harder because these seemingly convenient locations are notoriously prone to leaks.  Learn how this happens and what to advise your clients, especially those building new homes, in our new article:  Building Cavities Used as Supply or Return Ducts.

New Training & Employment Opportunity for Inspectors for FEMA

InterNACHI and BISCO are pleased to announce that Vanguard Emergency Management has signed a five-year contract with FEMA to train experienced professional inspectors as FEMA Disaster Inspectors and Area Managers.  (BISCO is the Vanguard small-business partner responsible for hiring, deploying and managing inspectors.)  InterNACHI Founder Nick Gromicko and BISCO CEO Marv Goldstein are asking InterNACHI inspectors to consider this new training and employment opportunity so they can help their fellow citizens in their greatest time of need.  Find out more about it and download the Application-Questionnaire by reading FEMA Inspector and Area Manager Training for Disaster Deployment.