ASHI Caught Issuing Bogus Certificates

December 6, 2021

The American Society of Home Inspectors – ASHI – has been issuing Certificates of Completion to inspectors who never completed or even attended the courses.

Read about the investigation:

ASHI caught issuing bogus certificates (PDF)

In a related story, last year, it was discovered that ASHI has been steering unsuspecting homebuyers toward non-inspectors by listing them on their "Find a Home Inspector" search tool.  All the unqualified person had to do was pay a fee to ASHI. A partially-blind felon who had never taken a single inspection course, never taken any inspection exams, and never done an inspection had been listed for years, until she quit paying ASHI.  ASHI's "Find a Home Inspector" search tool was displayed under the slogan: “Educated. Tested. Verified. Certified.”  

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ASHI caught issuing bogus certificates.
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