InterNACHI's e-newsletter system promotes members (new features added!)

InterNACHI's “Home Inspection Tips for Home Buyers, Sellers and Real Estate Professionals” e-newsletter system just got better.  InterNACHI's e-newsletter system now permits members to add any number of e-mail addresses with no limit.  Some members already have over 15,000 e-mail addresses entered into the system under their name.  The system also permits members to delete individual addresses, delete all their addresses, or download their entire list of addresses in a Microsoft Excel compatible "CSV" format, manipulate it, and upload it back in. changes. 
The first newsletter was titled Ten Things You Should Know About Mold and can be previewed online.  The latest newsletter was titled Free eBook for your clients: "Sell Your Home For More" and can also be previewed online.  We sent out 205,000+ of them to real estate agents whose e-mail addresses have been provided by our members.
So far the newsletter has been a tremendous success.  Of the first three issues were sent out (the first sent to about 60,000 real estate agents, the second sent to all 99,709 real estate agents and the third sent out to 167,805 real estate agents) only 317 “unsubscribe” requests were received.  That’s about 0.2% of the addresses, or about 0.09% of all newsletters sent out!
Each newsletter comes from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) but has the name and contact information of the InterNACHI member who provided the agent's e-mail address.  Coming from the inspection industry's largest non-profit trade association is far better than having members send out their own advertising spam as InterNACHI uses well written articles that are pre-tested to assure a low opt-out rate. 
InterNACHI members can add and remove names through the link in our members-only section to the Real Estate Newsletter
Go through the e-newsletter Tutorial.
Q:  I would like to use the email newsletter service for real estate agents.   I have about 300 realtors in my data base.  Is there a way to import my list from Outlook Express, or do I have to enter each email address separately?

A:  Go to and follow the instructions under "Step 2: Export the Address Book to a .csv file."  Then go to and follow the instructions on uploading many e-mail addresses to the real estate newsletter system.